More nonsense from Cable & Wireless Jamaica (C&WJ)

I have a C&WJ mobile phone and got a text saying something like I could top up from CWDIASPORA.COM. What is amazing is that I am currently in Jamaica and I cannot see what use such a message has.

So I ignored what I considered to be nothing but pure nonsensical marketing by a non-creative team of marketers and executives.

But while reading my daily news on the 10 or more websites I check for all sorts of news content, I saw what appeared to be a banner ad promoting CWDIASPORA.COM.

Now, I had already checked out the website the very first time I got the text, and was really not sure what to make of it. Continue reading


Besides the Jamaica Gleaner & the Jamaica Observer. What are the other top performing Jamaican websites?

There has been a lot of talk over the past 2-4 years about who is who on the Internet as far as Jamaican-owned websites are concerned.

Research has shown that as far as it pertains to Jamaican websites and their performance beyond 25,000 unique visitors per month or more, that there may be only 2-3 Jamaican websites that can boast such an accomplishment, depending on the methods used to derive data. Continue reading