Besides the Jamaica Gleaner & the Jamaica Observer. What are the other top performing Jamaican websites?

There has been a lot of talk over the past 2-4 years about who is who on the Internet as far as Jamaican-owned websites are concerned.

Research has shown that as far as it pertains to Jamaican websites and their performance beyond 25,000 unique visitors per month or more, that there may be only 2-3 Jamaican websites that can boast such an accomplishment, depending on the methods used to derive data. This is regardless of where a website is based.

The use of is not the preferred method of determining the importance of Jamaican-owned websites’ actual performance on the Internet.

However Alexa does provide some useful data in order to demonstrate why not to consider as the preferred method in determining rankings and analytics about a particular website performance.

Before I delve into the top Jamaican-owned websites, I will first publish what has for the top, most visited websites in Jamaica and also their rough estimate site Analytics of U.S. unique visitors per month via in bracket. (135,595) (all data are per month) (111,398 ) (1,289) (3,230) (2,597) (1,481) (12,345) (8,460) (2,227)

Other sites that did not make top 100 for Jamaica (17,995) (19,264) (5,237), & were left out as they have links on the website.

(Information on party sites and any other Jamaican related site can be easily obtained by entering their domain name using for the U.S. market)

You would be in for a surprise, as the data is free and covers up to one year of a website’s history. Remember these are rough estimates.

Sub-Domain websites free service does not provide data on sub-domain websites. search results provided rough estimates of unique visitors per month from the USA. However using another service one can also reveal global unique visitors and not just be restricted to the USA.

The quantified sites with sub-domains and data are below: (28,800 Global, 13,000 USA) per month

(The Kingston Chronicle site was unofficially launched on April 10, 2008, and has yet to have an official launch and accept advertising). (4,800 Global, 2,500 USA) per month.

From a blog perspective. The Kingston Chronicle is Jamaica’s number one blog.

With exception of two to three websites above, majority of the websites listed has been in operation for 3 years or longer. Some websites have been in operation for over 10 years.


It should be noted that the 2 websites launched almost one year ago with much hype in bringing Jamaican TV content via paid subscription both have zero (0) visitors per month.


The top 5 Jamaican owned websites or Jamaican related websites are:

(1) (135,595)

(2) (111,398 )

(3) (19,264)

(4) (17,995)

(5) (28,800 Global, 13,000 USA)

Priority is given to the sites with greater U.S. based unique visitors and less on the Global unique visitors.

The website industry is not an easy business, and obtaining traffic does not come just because you have a website. There are ways to increase traffic without the need of costly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages. However such skills normally reside with the professionals in the business.

For further information contact (876) 537-5010


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