Why Calabar lost to Kingston College?


(1) Peak too early, ran too many development meets.

(2) No runners in the finals of 5,000m race. No top runner in 1,500m finals. No distance program. One distance runner cannot be a distance program.

(3) Injured quarter-milers. Ramone McKenzie ran a 200m race in a 400mx400m relay final and felt it at the last 200m. He was lucky to even finish the race considering he was overworked.

(4) Haste, rushing to victory. Tripping in one’s own lane cost valuable points. All Calabar had to do was take it easy and coast in all events.

However with the absence of a distance program they lost the cushion in points, thus boiling down to 3-4 main events that were wide open with major difficulties involved.

Some C-BAR Supporters

In contrast to the picture above, there was disgraceful behavior from some C-BAR supporters. No need to throw bottles on KC track team members, with a Lucozade bottle with bottle cap hitting the knapsack of a KC runner, just missing his head back.

Pelting the Police and other members of the security force with plastic bottles showed complete disregard for the law and disrespect to the Police force. The Principal needs to control these students. Many of the students throwing the bottles appeared to be 12-16 year-olds. The entire world via the International Media recorded this ugly behavior.

I am sure if they were in the USA at Qualcomm Stadium or Giants Stadium they would not dare do such an act in fear of being jailed and or deported.

As a Calabar past student, I say congratulations to Kingston College. Calabar will be ready again in 2010. Keep it all in good sportsman conduct.