Mainland trade delegation signs $3.87b contracts with Taiwan

The third cross-Straits trade promotion delegation from the Chinese mainland on Monday signed $3.87 billion worth of procurement contracts with Taiwan companies at Taipei World Trade Center.

The Beijing-based Lenovo Group, a world leader in personal computers, signed contracts worth of $3.25 billion with nine Taiwan companies, while Hasee Computer Co, Ltd, from Shenzhen, signed $369 million worth of contracts with four Taiwan firms.

Since June, the mainland has sent three trade delegations to Taiwan, and they have signed procurement contracts worth a total of $5.47 billion with Taiwan manufacturers.

More contracts worth $3.14 billion are expected to be reached between visiting mainland delegations and Taiwan firms this year, said Tang Wei, vice chairman of the mainland’s Association of Economy and Trade Across the Taiwan Straits, also head of the third mainland delegation.