A little over 57,000 Facebook profiles exist within the Jamaica Facebook network

For the marketing peeps out there who just do not appear to have a clue to the net, Facebook is not all that with respect to being a user base for Jamaicans. In fact, there are 57,493 people in the Jamaica network on Facebook as of today.

The ad platform, in regards to a page with ads, or a company group page, seems to be the norm on Facebook. Of course, every once in a while a button ad appears within a member’s account page.

Domestic Web Advertising

The key to domestic web advertising is not so much who clicks on your ad and hopefully visits your website if the ad is linked to your company website, but more so building brand awareness in the short run.

Like in the old days: a Pepsi or a Coca-Cola sign was meant to let a potential consumer know that such a brand is simply about a drink- a soda, that is. Thus, a billboard approach on the net, in my opinion, is the best method. And paying for an ad spot on a premium site over a three-month period would attain some exposure.

The longer the ad campaign, the better, keeping in mind that it is not about traffic to your company website, but rather, brand awareness in the short run.

After you have achieved brand awareness in the product or service you wish to promote, a call-to- action, Internet-based campaign can be set up as a one-two punch.

Such a campaign should be geared towards DATA collection. Of course, a combination can be worked out for the client’s needs.

Website Traffic Data

Marketing managers should also be careful of websites that buy traffic.

For instance, a local site can purchase a link exchange package and see their prior dismal performance of less than 7,000 unique visitors per month jump to 60,000 within 3 months of that purchase. Such a con artist would then present the data as the real deal on how well their website is performing.

The trick is, though this is legal, the traffic usually dips right back to its former levels. Now any smart marketing manager would request more detailed data on a website performance. Exactly where are all these hits, page views, and unique visitors coming from?

For a Jamaican company, this should be very important as data has revealed that one site obtained majority of their referral traffic from a cricket website outside of Jamaica even when there was no cricket in season.

To make matters worse, data also revealed that on many local sites, passers-by account for over 55% of traffic. Not only is half the traffic a one-time stop, but in some cases, there is no supporting data as to what countries are actually visiting that site and what they are engaging on that site..

Quoting impressions alone means nothing to a pro. Thus, marketing heads consistently waste scarce marketing dollars on websites that account for less than 7,000 Jamaicans visiting and engaging that website per month.

Of course if you are a website owner and you are able to con your way into a sizable monthly income while knowing very well your website is really not worth it for ads, then more power to you.

At the end of the day, no real progress will be made in respect to fully embracing the true power of the web because of hustlers seeking wealth without really producing any valuable product or service within the Jamaican market.

Anyone can start a website, but not all websites will make it past the starting line. Some stay idle in the starting blocks for years with the owner not having the technical know-how about what needs to be done to attain critical mass. Quoting inflated website stats is not the cool way to go. You have to earn it.

What about ad syndication?

Now it is always better to be able to reach 1,000,000 websites rather than 100 websites if the cost remains the same. But what if you are trying to target 50,000 to 100,000 educated Jamaicans with a propensity to engage in an online transaction on the web? How would you find them on the Internet?

It is through niche sites that have a dedicated following with content that would appeal to the audience you wish to engage. Such sites have great value as the end user constantly returns for more content and tend to be very loyal. Such a site is normally interactive and allows comments.

Mobile Web

Jamaica is not ready for such innovations in mass, as the masses simply cannot afford silly data plans by silly carriers without any real understanding of what really needs to be applied to get the job done.

Of course, talk time is king and data use in a country struggling to improve its school system may not prove as useful as in data-driven consumer societies in other parts of the world. Additionally, cost will always play a major factor.

If you want the raw, yes RAW facts. The meat, the pure juice on the subject. Call 537-5010 and see what can be done to help your company or business.


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