I recall once this football manager who appears not straight to me in more ways than one, something that seems very popular in Jamaica I might add.

He stated all the championships I had on my football CV in 2000 were too good to be true in such a short time. I had too many championships. He stated that I could have padded my CV.

Then at the point that this negro had stated that. I should have recognized that this manager of a FC out East in the highest level competition was a small mind negro and actually had no good intentions towards my playing carrier or philosophy.

There is one thing I did learn from this negative experience and was being reminded that people do pad their CV or fake what they are not in order to get ahead.

The local ICT community has several fake players who are the biggest opportunist you could ever run into.

They will crash every conference to get their name on events, sign any contracts with big name companies just to get their name in the press.

Yet at the end of it they never were able to show what they stated they were capable of doing. Maybe they are calculating fake it until you make it.

How can you call yourself an Internet expert, Internet entrepreneur when you have never launched a successful website or have not completed any Internet marketing that was of significant value and impact as seen in the Digicel facebook fan page or saving a customer USD50,000 while attaining 300,000 unique visitors in 24 months without marketing and advertising?

I do not mean taking 2-3 years to obtain 70,000 fans on a facebook page. Or 4-5 years to attain 100,000 unique visitors for a website.

Hits means nothing, so stating your website had obtained 500,000 hits in a day 2-3 years ago or 1 million hits per month only fools those not educated in ICT or Internet marketing.

In fact with such hits though not important, no website should be struggling to obtain some form of popularity much less fail with 500,000 hits in one day. Which clearly speaks to the lies such fakes have used to fool the masses over the years.

So CITO has a huge conference with some so called experts who have not demonstrated why they are experts in the very sector they claim to be major players in.

Not a single company or website to demonstrate how their expert skills have changed the game or showcase their leadership in ICT of any meaningful value. No worthy written articles in major newspapers to show their viewpoints on the subject of ICT.

It is obvious that CITO located in the Office of the Prime Minister is operated by old women who have no clue or business in ICT as their actions in securing credible participants is full of flaws and bias.

How can CITO after being made aware of the top player in local Internet ignore such information almost 30 days prior to the staging of the event having canceled the first staging?

It clearly shows bias, and total disregard of the hard work of several local ICT entrepreneurs who are clear leaders with years of work into their business.

It also shows how backwards Jamaica is, as anyone with a smiling grill, an average CV, and no success in website ownership and management can claim to be a local and International ICT entrepreneur, expert, innovator and trail blazer.

Forming a homogenized pack only makes matters worse. As a group of pretenders make a better case than a single down low faker.

It is this very reason why in the future I will never willingly share the same stage with opportunists or amateurs parading as professionals.

Doing so will simply elevate their false status among the true and elite players.

Make the grade, and make the team. Do not make the team because you carry the coach or a player on the team jock strap or soften up some dumb old women with your charm or female persuasion.

Out of the 5 companies that were on stage at Caribbean Media Conference & Expo 2007. Only one remain. It should be noted that all five were Internet based companies.

Some claiming and some having actually spent in excess of US$300,000 and have failed, and not just failed, but failed miserably. Thus most if not all not even attaining 1,000 unique visitors per month.

The Kingston Chronicle Jamaica’s # 1 News Blog, The Kingston Chronicle Online Newspaper # 3 online newspaper serving the Diaspora and locals, both attained market success from the ICT brains of Jamaica Wireless.

Jamaica Wireless also gave the long timed but delayed birth of jahboo.com Your Search Engine & Social Network ranked # 3 most popular local website by Alexa.com.

All companies funding by Kingston Venture Capital.

In Jamaica they say he who plays by the rules gets shafted. I am beginning to see why Jamaica lacks any real talent in ICT Internet related companies.

For as long as you have fakes, old women and or old men in high places making decisions that can affect ICT national development. Jamaica will never rise to anything great in ICT entrepreneurs or innovators.

Such types lack the skills, the intelligence, the talent in creating game changing environment or product and service.

What is sad is when a person who is born in Jamaica, but shares none of the Jamaican low level thinking achieves success. These people are quick to claim that person as their own.

Kindly refrain from doing this with my success. I am not like you, and I am not of your race , creed, class, or culture.

My success is that of old Jamaica. It is old Jamaica which gave me my foundation and work ethics. The old Jamaica of my grand mother.

Unfortunately I do not see this evident in many young and old people today. Thus I can safely say, I am not of this Jamaica.



  1. jahboo.com was Beta,/code name for something way better. Just as the Programmer from Software Architects :).

    TKC was a pilot, and did extremely well 6 months to this PNP election the blog mysteriously disappeared. Hmmm. Now I hear review of old laws for new ones. Interesting times ahead.

    You have your Junior Minister and Minister who share your ideals. But time will unveil all behind the scenes.

    Keeping pulling the two old posts that touches your heart so near and dare. This being one of them. Troll.

    IROJ? Maybe.

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