GTA Computer Centre in Toronto

On Thursday July 15th, 2010 at 11am, GTA Computer Centre came alive with the buzzing of people who came to share in the grand opening festivities.

The room was filled to capacity with excitement filling the air as many VIP’s joined in the celebration including US Consulate Kevin Johnson, Valerie Gillinghan from York Region New Agency Development Fund , Superintendent Karen Noakes and York Regional Police along with board members of the GTA Faith Alliance.

The GTA Faith Alliance Computer Centre is an organization run by Rev Don Meredith who came to Canada from Jamaica at the age of 13. Since being in Canada, he has made a connection with the Jamaican community and continues to work with Caribbean youth and fighting against youth violence in the community.

After all kind words were spoken, The Ribbon was cut and our Computer Centre was officially open. The guests entered our lab with amazement as the artwork spanning the walls gave a feel of true alliance, creativity and youth.

To continue with our celebrations, our cake was cut and the festivities continued with the partaking of food and drink.

Mingling continued until 2pm as guest shared their thoughts about our centre and gave kind words of support. Steve Vieira from Staples said, “Staples is excited to help out in the community. They are always involved and want to get involved in the community at any opportunity possible. We feel that GTA Faith Alliance is a big part of the community and we want to be a part of that.”

Rev Don Meredith encourages youth and help them to grasp opportunities. He has a dream for the computer centre to be the first of many that will take the city by storm and continue to make a difference in the lives of many youth.


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