Shortcomings of ‘new media’ outlets

Executive Director of the Broadcasting Commission, Cordell Green, has emphasised the important role traditional media plays in the timely dissemination of accurate and credible information, citing shortcomings in the area of ‘new media’ outlets.

Green cited traditional media as newspapers, radio, and television, while ‘new media’ or social media include YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and blogging.

He was speaking at a seminar entitled ‘The Role of the Media: Professional Dictates versus Social Responsibilities’, at the Management Institute for National Development (MIND) campus, Kingston, on Wednesday.

“We know, as a fact, that much of what we get on the internet is opinionated, whether you go to Wikipedia or anybody’s blog.

We know, as a statement of fact, that those who operate in the sphere of new media, such as bloggers , they don’t have the requirements as there are no required standards, such as source verification, balance, objectivity or fair play,” he explained.

“Only the print media seems to be losing out to social media, and we have to put a question as to whether they are losing out, or they themselves are being transformed. Radio and television remain very strong brands,” he said.

“Much of what is on the net is opinionated and not held to traditional standards, so new media is not always credible.”

Source: Jamaica Star.

Once again Mr. Cordel Green clearly demonstrates his full and utter lack of understanding of the topic of New Media and ICT Technology.

Is he also implying that all which he views New Media guilty of, does not or have not taken place on numerous occasions in traditional media to date?

Mr. Green and the readers will digest what exactly is misrepresented and quoted above in respect to New Media.

The term New Media is not to be confused with private individuals operating private YouTube video channels, private blogs, or social network fan pages which reside in the domain of New Media companies such as YouTube, Blogspot, WordPress or facebook.

When industry experts speak of New Media. They are speaking to the use of the New Media technology to operate a Media company primarily on that platform. Thus new media.

Such as top technology industry blogs as,, and

One cannot hold ordinary people’s opinions on personal blogs, social network fan pages, or video channels as New Media or competition to traditional media outlets regardless of the methods used to convey such opinion or used to republish traditional media information in part or in full.

Like traditional media Letters to the Editor does not reflect the Media company’s views. As such reading opinionated/personal submitted content on a New Media blog, which may also be available on a personal blog in no way undermines the credibility of New Media.

Jamaica is estimated to have over 200 personal blogs to promote their views or commercial non media blogs that promote their products and services. Does this imply there are 200 New Media companies in Jamaica?

98-99% of these blogs are not New Media Companies or New Media businesses.

So if Mr. Green is attacking the credibility of established New Media companies or businesses, he should simply state so. He has had ample time to do so. Two years to be exact.

Not once since the launch of this New Media Company blog, has any company or individual complained about the credibility of a business related article or news headline.

User generated content that is opinion in nature , or should I safely say 100% opinion in nature are stated as such when published respectively.

There exist only but 3-5 such established New Media entities with varying business industry focus ranging from news, sports, business, finance, entertainment, and technology.

Out of this limited number there can only be one leader in this New Media sector. Which Mr. Green is well aware of who is the industry leader in Jamaica for New Media.

Mr. Green has demonstrated his lack of proper education and understanding as it relates to new technology in Media & Communications from Cable TV to that of the Internet, not once but documented twice within two years.

Of course as always, I am open to be shown that my conclusion is incorrect on either this occasion or on both occasions where I have pointed out Mr. Cordel Green’s lack of understanding New Media technology and also New Technology in traditional Cable TV.


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