JANUARY 03, 2010

Interesting to see how facebook is now moving up the valuation charts. Funny when I was the only one even possible before Zuckerberg started sending private e-mails to Google staff seeking to get them to work for him, that the company would worth in the near future US$100 billion that I already wrote my blog post way before. Then again what do I know?

Facebook Now Worth More Than Yahoo And eBay

Facebook’s latest round of financing from Goldman Sachs at a $50 billion valuation, which is about the same valuation its shares are trading on SecondMarket, clearly puts it in the pantheon of the most valuable Internet companies. At $50 billion, Facebook is now worth more than Yahoo (which has a $22 billion market cap) and eBay ($37 billion), and almost worth more than both of them combined—and that is before it has even gone public. On the valuation scale of publicly traded Internet companies, however, it is still smaller than Amazon ($83 billion) and Google ($193 billion).

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The info in Block quote was released today. That is 6 days after my article. What say you?

Meanwhile, Mike says Facebook is “quietly telling people, never in writing, that there’s no reason their stock won’t hit $100 billion in total valuation over the next couple of years.”

From article Googler Turns Down $500,000 Cash Bonus To Quit And Join Facebook By businessinsider.com


A few years ago I recall reading on a top tech blog at the time of Google’s stock riding high almost at $800 a pop. Around the same time facebook was fast rising and some were arguing that they were worth if I recall US$8-15 billion while they had less than 100 million users.

It is so vague now, but I recall a mysterious genius leaving some comments about Google and making some prediction on their shares. The claim was that their value will fall to almost half within six months. Of course there were no rumours flying around in respect to this prediction prior to it being made. Of course true to form the Google share fell to almost half.

At around the same time the same poster made a comment that facebook was valued more like $2-4 billion. A few weeks or months later some VCs came out and said they did not think facebook was as much as many thought they were worth. As such talks of entertaining raising capital based around such valuations then fell to zero until the Russian came knocking. Of course today they are worth more than US$15 billion, and more like US$100 billion. Continue reading



UPDATE: August 25, 2010

I found out today that Claro’s Marketing Manger who was recently hired is no longer at Claro. This I was informed by the security on the ground floor at the head office in New Kingston. I guess that is why my last e-mail to him bounced today, though it worked quite fine when I sent him an e-mail on August 12, 2010.

Not sure what was the reason for the unofficial departure but he was on the job for what appears to me to be less than six months as from press release it appears so. Joseph Oates, Claro’s new man for the market

To be honest I thought that he would have been the breath of fresh air required at Claro in the Marketing department. But in such short time no one could expect any significant impact in such a tough market.

It is sad as as far as I see it Claro nonsense began and was in place before Mr. Oates arrival. I am certain the nonsense is still operating there releasing nonsensical Internet plans and ridiculous priced Netbook units.

But hey, to date two, well three marketing managers technically as one was promoted to a higher position then released soon after since Claro has entered the Jamaican market. With the promotion the vacancy was filled then that person released not too long after filling the vacant slot. Now the latest replacement appears to be no longer there as it has not been officially confirmed by our team and Claro.

Oh well. Regardless of what were the reasons for the departures, the fact still remains that 3 have come and 3 have gone in a relatively short period of time.

The Digicel Flag Ship Store

After leaving Claro head office I hopped over to Digicel flag ship store. Ran into two white dudes who work for Digicel. One in the technical department and the other a lanky dude who turn out to be their Marketing Manager.

I checked out their Netbooks and Laptops and 4G modems and tested 4G for the first time via their Fixed Wireless 4G devices. It was fast and all went well. Continue reading