UPDATE: August 25, 2010

I found out today that Claro’s Marketing Manger who was recently hired is no longer at Claro. This I was informed by the security on the ground floor at the head office in New Kingston. I guess that is why my last e-mail to him bounced today, though it worked quite fine when I sent him an e-mail on August 12, 2010.

Not sure what was the reason for the unofficial departure but he was on the job for what appears to me to be less than six months as from press release it appears so. Joseph Oates, Claro’s new man for the market

To be honest I thought that he would have been the breath of fresh air required at Claro in the Marketing department. But in such short time no one could expect any significant impact in such a tough market.

It is sad as as far as I see it Claro nonsense began and was in place before Mr. Oates arrival. I am certain the nonsense is still operating there releasing nonsensical Internet plans and ridiculous priced Netbook units.

But hey, to date two, well three marketing managers technically as one was promoted to a higher position then released soon after since Claro has entered the Jamaican market. With the promotion the vacancy was filled then that person released not too long after filling the vacant slot. Now the latest replacement appears to be no longer there as it has not been officially confirmed by our team and Claro.

Oh well. Regardless of what were the reasons for the departures, the fact still remains that 3 have come and 3 have gone in a relatively short period of time.

The Digicel Flag Ship Store

After leaving Claro head office I hopped over to Digicel flag ship store. Ran into two white dudes who work for Digicel. One in the technical department and the other a lanky dude who turn out to be their Marketing Manager.

I checked out their Netbooks and Laptops and 4G modems and tested 4G for the first time via their Fixed Wireless 4G devices. It was fast and all went well.

But I enjoy 15Mbs from Flow, while I was suprised that 4G wireless was coming in at 8Mbs to 10Mbs tops. Of course I have no need to travel and use a computer, so 4G is not for me. However for the Internet user on the go and also uses it at home, 4G may be their best option for now.

Also I spoke with some potential subscribers. This was one potential subscriber’s views on one aspect of Digicel 4G product and service.

A female it was with some little kids. Nice looking lady too. She stated that the Digicel 4G dongle or device that allows mobile wireless access sucks. And that she and many others were able to get better speeds using LIME and Claro device that attaches to the Laptop when on the go to obtain what I think she actual said was Digicel 4G service. Now I found that to be quite strange. But hey, those are not my words, but are her words.

In fact she stated some good points. As I witnessed a live speed test via the Digicel dongle used to attach to the Laptop only generating 4Mbs from what was to be 8Mbs service. So maybe there was some truth to what the lady was saying in respect to the poor service from the device in question.

I am sure that Digicel will solve this problem immediately as they would not want the problem to hit the market in mass and produce a mass of angry complaints from subscribers to Digicel 4G service.

In respect to the cost of the Laptop it appears OK, but a bit low with a 160G Hard Drive. The price points were $47,000 + GCT for Laptop only, $45,000 + GCT Prepaid, $41,550 + GCT Postpaid. Modem was on sale for $3,950.

I do believe that irregardless of the specs for the Laptop the price for size screen is pretty OK. Thus broken down in 36 month payments (no interest) it worked out to $1,305 per month. Not bad for some one in a partner draw.

Of course Digicel could have chosen another hardware supplier with equal quality but lower price point and superior specs which would see the same size or comparable size unit retail for $38,999 which would be a difference of $10,025 or difference in monthly payment of $1,305 – $1,083 = $222.

This may or may not be a large sum for certain customers if they are a big Acer/eMachine Laptop fan.

The Netbook was not for sale and from what I was told is not yet ready for sale. The Netbook on display happens to be made by ZTE. Nice looking, felt sturdy, mouse pad was good, no complaints for a short test.

However if from what I am hearing the price point for the ZTE Netbook will be. Digicel will be in the same boat as Claro in respect to Netbook pricing. That boat being ridiculous.

All in all let the Internet wars begin. At the end of the day the most important people will benefit. Those being the customers/subscribers.


Leave a reply with your answer.

See Digicel’s Price Below


7 day prepaid: $1,200

14 day prepaid: $2,000

30 day prepaid: $3,000

30 day Postpaid: $2,500

DEKAL Wireless Price Points below:


They require management changes in this entire department to remotely become competitive. The Mexican giant does not appear to have a clue in respect to this market just by looking at their ridiculous price plans.

I recently read on the net that they are giving away 1 year free Internet if a customer signs their life away for 3 years.



I do believe that any broadband wireless service has to come with more than average price plans and wireless Internet service. Though speeds are important, the average Jamaican simply wants to access the Internet at home and or on the go.

Thus Telecoms seeking to have consumers pay twice for Internet will fail. Also beyond whipping out a PDA, Jamaicans have yet to evolve to a civilized stage where cafes come with free and safe WiFi or where free WiFi is abundant in the city and citizens can not only use their PDA safely but take out the Laptops without the fear of criminals.

As such the main SP for Broadband Internet fixed and or wireless are:

1. Flow 2. Digicel 3. Dekal Wireless 4. LIME 5. Claro

At some stage with another undersea fiber optic cable will lower prices back to where they use to be for wholesale Broadband bandwidth when Flow first entered the market.

This new development will hurt carriers who were too slow in implementing the right technology and at the right CAPEX. Thus with future shrinking profits any Telecom with a heavy CAPEX will feel the pinch.

At the end of the day the market has room for 2-3 more all Island or City and Rural based Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider. All this of course will benefit the consumer and will force large Telecoms to hire real talent and do away with old relics who have no clue to technical matters or understand how the market is to be maximized.

It is all based on performance. What have you done for the firm lately? How much have your position and role contributed to the increase in meaningful market share and most important customer retention in the sector in which you operate?

If the current executive in this position has done only marginal, it is time to fire them and their entire support staff as he or her poor leadership, poor performance, poor intellect has contaminated the others.

Hire those who can actually get the job done and not those simply seeking to profile as hot shot executives who have a chip on their third world shoulders, and cannot understand creativity in the sector.


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