Though no Telecom company has begun to offer Internet access with the sale of a Tablet PC better known as an iPad clone to many. This will be the new platform for newspapers and publishers.

It did not take long before Rupert Murdoch also saw this as the only way to save newspapers from extinction due to the high cost associated with the existing business model.

As such no more newspaper vendors on the streets, no more newspaper stands in gas stations or pharmacies, no more old newspapers to create excess garbage after reading it.

In fact it was no ago that there was an article on the Business Insider stated;

Printing The NYT Costs Twice As Much As Sending Every Subscriber A Free Kindle

The bottom line is it is all going digital baby, not just from a eco- friendly stand point but from a economical stand point.

Jamaica Gleaner, Jamaica Observer how will you protect your best talented writers? After all Rupert Murdoch is no fool, and neither are the readers.


The future of newspapers is now, and as such The Kingston Chronicle Ltd through JAMAICA WIRELESS is offering Tablet PCs financed with $0 down through your bank or credit union for 3 years at $300+ per month or $75 per week or the tiny sum of $10.71 = rounded to $11.00 per day = US$0.13 per day.

What is Jamaican $11 per day?

1 x $10 coin + 1 x Bustamante $1 coin

2 x Norman Manly $5 coin + 1 x Bustamante $1 coin

11 x Bustamante $1 coin

$11 per day or US$0.13 per day Provides a New Tablet PC. (Conditions apply)

Even a homeless windshield wiper boy on the streets makes more than Jamaican $11 in one hour.

You also obtain a subscription package to The Kingston Chronicle online newspaper. (Conditions apply).

Tablet PC can be used to surf the Internet for other websites as well, send and receive e-mail, use social networks like jahboo Live, facebook, twitter and watch movies and videos.

Tablet PC can be seen below. Photo for demo purposes only.

(Picture courtesy of

Interested in obtaining this offer as no Telecom in Jamaica is smart enough to offer a Tablet PC at such quality and at an affordable rate with a 1 year warranty.

Simply enter your e-mail address and subscribe to this blog and you will be contacted. E-mail subscription is located to the top left hand corner of the blog home page under the Visitor Flag Widget.


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