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Are the people at JAMPRO educated, intelligent or just semi educated with below average intelligence?

Be the judge:

The investment promotions agency, Jampro, is on the hunt for an investor willing to fork out US$930 million needed to finance a power-generation project along the Mahogany Vale River in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains.

The scheme is not a new idea, having been on the drawing board for some 43 years, the Financial Gleaner has learned.

Said Ricardo Durrant, the manager of the manufacturing, energy and mining portfolios at Jampro, the “US$930 million is the estimated expenditure over a 10-year period”.

The Jampro officer could not say what return on investment would be required to make the project a feasible venture.

“Because it was mooted so long ago, a new study would have to be done to determine its feasibility, which phase will require US$5 million,” Durrant pointed out.

He said a previous study suggested that more than 50 megawatts of power could be generated by the plant, which in the current plans would be build in the second phase of the project.

The budget for the construction of the dam and power plant is set at US$460 million, which means an investor would be spending US$8.4 million per megawatt of power created.

By Jampro hunts investors with deep pockets for J$80b hydro power project Source:

You know a country is in deep trouble when such information can make its way to the leading national print newspaper.

But maybe such words are too harsh, as if one is completely ignorant, semi literate, and void of any form of intelligence. Then one would not see all the above as the biggest embarrassment to come out of JAMRPO to date.

I thought the past president was 10 years behind the curve, but it appears whomever is in charge of JAMPRO and its staff to allow such nonsense to be published, is 43 years behind the curve. Frankly I do not even know where to begin. All the highlighted quotes above explain how ridiculous the information provided was.

What is the article really trying to say? Maybe they meant to state that a small positive for such an investment to solve water shortage would be 500MW bonus and not 50MW. Continue reading