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But here is the problem. The minute you begin to put yourself in a box. That being colour, ethnicity, and or race you are already mentally enslaved.

I guess the question is what does he mean when he they say black? What is black? Is there such a thing as a black person?

I do not here the Chinese or the Japanese or the Korean running around saying we Yellow people. Or the Yellow man has to be doing this or that? The fact is they are three distinct races of people and are not foolish enough to paint themselves as one race.

Just by their own actions they the people in this video already have placed themselves at the back of the bus and do not recognize it. As the various connotations that come with the label they so embrace have several automatic trap doors that has nothing to do with entrepreneurship or creating wealth.

Education is key. Not sports, not DJ music.

Get the full length documentary videos click here


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