You know about 4 – 5 years ago while working on the design and GUI for my search engine and social network I had certain features that I now see only surfacing in the market.

I recall searching frantically to develop Inbox2.0 or Inbox3.0 as a product feature and independent product to sit inside my social communication network platform people call social networks.

You see having done a market survey on for most of the countries in the world I saw a pattern that validated my observation.

Google, Yahoo, YouTube, MSN, Facebook, Twitter. This was about 4-5 years ago. This pattern I sensed before seeing it on That being;

1. Search Engine

2. Search News Portal, E-mail & IM Chat

3. Video

4. Social Networks

Thus a portal that can combine all key elements with no noise no clutter via innovation and along with adding new technology or other existing technology that is incredibly useful and compliments the user experience without noise or clutter was the new wave. Easier said than done. And even if it was easier done than said, timing is most important. That timing being when Twitter and Facebook were babies.

I recall reading about Yahoo Inbox2.0 and Google Inbox2.0 and then Google Wave and having a chuckle at their feeble attempts to create something new or unique.

What is not amazing was the view of many Jamaican young people in respect to e-mail. They were so into the Matrix of Facebook that they appeared hypnotized.

When I said e-mail, they said hey no one uses that anymore. Yet IM Chat and messages on any social network does not replace the power of e-mail. This has nothing to do with how much time young people spend inside one platform or another. As when they grow up they will need e-mail one way or another.

E-mail is raw communications not just for college students but for the working world. Any person unable to see the value and the power of e-mail is simply behind the times. But what no one did until MySpace did it. Was to add e-mail as another layer within a social network in 2010. Something that I saw 5 years ago. to date has not completed its e-mail component not even in its basic form as seen for yahoo or g-mail. In fact has not completed its social communication platform aka social network. Why?

Well 4-5 years ago when Twitter was on its early rise, when Facebook was but a baby at less than 30 million unique visitors per month, with less than 5,000 Jamaicans on Facebook. I wanted to develop social network / social communications platform using cutting edge technology and superior GUI than seen today in Twitter and Facebook absolutely no one would take me serious much less believe it could be done.

When they saw the mock up design hand drawn and the various applications all most programmers could say was “WOW” this has never been done before. In fact the last time a CS programmer said that was in late 2009, or possible early 2010.

Considering I am not a programmer and securing a team do so in today’s economic climate would be considered throwing money into the wind. Facebook rules social network and soon search and e-mail. Google is toast.

But I finally developed and launched the simple home page designs, not the search engine for for my own personal use and frankly for my market with the intention of going international at some later date with more features and more home page design layout options for the end user. To date my investment in through Kingston Venture Capital has been over US$30,000.
was launched on March 12, 2010 and attained within the first six months the 3rd most popular local web property in Jamaica.

The truth of the matter is Facebook is really Web1.0 it is not Web2.0. IM Chat is nothing new, News Feeds is nothing new, social games are nothing new, social profile messages are nothing new, groups and photo albums are nothing new. So what is Web2.0 about Facebook?

Facebook has obtained massive media attention and as such become the biggest and baddest social network and possible web property on the Internet. Google shakes in its rocking chair in a golden aged home.

Of course I will at some point in the future release all the features conceptualized for social communications platform / social network just to complete what I conceptualized and designed. But the opportunity and wave ridden by Twitter and Facebook is long gone. Only a new wave that would see a relatively new product and start up being pitched head on against Facebook could recreate that past wave in some way.

What is misleading is 500 million users have great value? Or would it be better to be the leader in the states, Germany, UK, and the rest of Europe versus having 50% of your users not having a credit card or living on less than US$2 per day?

Of course this is an assumption and not a fact. But an important one none the less. As a social network with 120 million to 250 million users all based in the states and the Europe is of greater value than a social network with 120 million to 250 million based outside of the states and Europe.

Facebook Is Launching Email On Monday

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