Hopefully Jamaicans will also develop their own cities and communities and not only allow tourist resorts to be the center of development.

Of course life in California from San Diego then Northern California was really great. Though way more developed it did remind me of many parts of my own Parish of St. Andrew and also Kingston.

Places such as Eastwood Park Gardens in its prime, Waterloo Road, Devon House, the shopping plazas near my home that reside along lower Constant Spring Road and end in HWT such as 7th Avenue, Lane, Village, Mall, Twin Gates, Tropical etc. And to leave out other communities about 10 – 15 minute drive such as Manor Park, Liguanea, Mona, etc.

Who could forget Shakey’s Pizza in Tropical Plaza, Ziggy’s hot dog in Twin Gates, King Burger ad Creamy Corner all just around the corner. An the Grogg Shop and Devon House Ice Cream just walking distance. What was there not to love in Jamaica or return to?

But sadly Jamaica has evolved for the worse and not progresses in terms of its culture, people, governance, values. Hope for the best though.

In case you thought all was perfect in Cali. See a riot video in San Diego below. Though I must admit for over a decade there I only saw one act of violence.



Even the workers with college degrees are not educated I have discovered. What is amazing in Jamaica is a strong culture of hustlers, but not a strong culture of innovation or go getters in creating new business models or products that are game changers. Continue reading