Jamaica Wireless Offers Free IT Training- Feb 10, 2008
COREY ROBINSON, Jamaica Observer robinsonc@jamaicaobserver.com

ONE thousand Jamaican high school students are to benefit from an Information Technology (IT) training programme run by technological advisors, Jamaica Wireless.

A one-year pilot of the programme, which began last month, is currently under way at Tarrant High, Mona High, and Kingston Technical High in the Corporate Area. It will pave the way for its introduction to several primary and other secondary schools across the island, while targeting children between the ages of 12 and 18.

The programme exposes participants to a range of IT subject areas, including Basic Webmaster, Internet TV Administration, and Content Management.

“There is a need for a skilled workforce with some Information Technology presence, and what we are trying to do is to create an interest in studying in these areas,” manager of Jamaica Wireless, Rodger McKenzie told Career and Education.

He added that employment opportunities abound in the sector, as Jamaica continues to embrace the information age and Internet economy.

“Graduates will be able to develop websites using templates for as little as $5,000 or a single-page commercial website for $1,500,” he noted.

They will also learn how to encode and upload video content, create video assets, titles, line-ups and media player customisation for commercial purposes.

“The real revenue and long-term employment opportunity is in hosting and website maintenance developed by the applicants,” noted McKenzie.

After a year, the participants will be certified in the specified areas which will enable them to gain employment at Jamaica Wireless.

Omar Fearon, the IT teacher at Tarrant High, has given the programme the thumbs up, noting that it would help students manage their IT course-load.

“It is a very simple programme. Once you go through it with the students, then they will be able to do it. It will also help to familiarise them with Power Point, which is a part of their syllabus.”

Source: http://www.jamaicansforjustice.org


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