People walk in front of a yet-to-open Wal-Mart Express store in Gentry, Ark., Thursday, June 2, 2011. (AP Photo/Chuck Bartels)

Image source from article Wal-Mart unveils mini-stores near dollar rivals By

These stores may include their regular mega stores or they may also include their new express style stores. But one thing is for certain. The day
Walmart comes to town, is the day I will rejoice.

As prices for quality goods and products will be in majority of hard working Jamaican hands reach. And better yet, all those high cost stores in Jamaica would close their doors.

So there are many positives to Wal-Mart. Unlike what some may claim when they do not wish them in their towns.

Let us hope my personal invitation and offer sent to the Walmart CEO today in opening a Walmart store or two in every Jamaican parish is taken up.


Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE: WMT) serves customers and members more than 208 million times per week at more than 8,600 retail units under 59 different banners in 15 countries. With fiscal year 2010 sales of $405 billion, Wal-Mart employs more than 2 million associates worldwide.



  1. I’d be even happier for Jamaica to have some manufacturing jobs and sell goods to Walmart. Is that too much to hope for?

  2. Hi Sonia, Nice to read your comment and thanks for visiting and reading my blog.

    Your comment is a very important one as it speaks to job creation and also manufacturing. However lets be practical and both look into what manufacturing sector could such jobs arise?

    For in order to supply the lowest cost of a goods one would also require the lowest price and also quality if not the highest quality at the lowest price.

    What manufacturing sector do you think Jamaica can supply Walmart outside of food at a extremely competitive price against the likes of Vietnam or China? Vietnam by the way produces goods at a much cheaper rate than China and China is loosing jobs to Vietnam for this said reason.

    I am sure that as long as the sector Jamaica seeks to supply Walmart with goods are competitive, and are protected by the government at the time, that this would certainly be a big plus for Jamaica.

    For with a Walmart or two or more in every Parish, the logistical chain it will create in allowing wider access to markets within the Island for local goods would be tremendous.

    They have the know how and the the capital to execute such a project. It is a win win for the economy as far as I can see it.

    Many of the tacky hole in the wall buy and sell shops will most likely close as they cannot compete on quality of service and variety in goods and price.

    As such the Jamaican consumer will stand to benefit with a more professional set up. Much the way Payless Shoe Store has opened a chain of its stores in the Island recently. Wider selection at a reasonable price.

    Note a mega Walmart store also has its own shoe section, though much different and offering even a greater selection option and very low price. So we benefit again.

  3. As you mention Payless, I remember some expats on a site I frequent lamenting the Jamaican love of all things foreign and the demise of local shoemakers. 😉

    Anyway more to the point, Jamaica could certainly recycle and process plastics and rubber which in turn would be used in the manufacture of WalMart & Payless goods – on the island or elsewhere.

    The country has a lot of work to do WRT to agricultural waste. Mangoes sell for for a pittance at JMD $100-200 each, whereas in Europe, you’re lucky to get a half-decent fruit for €5-7.

    Jamaica also has a brand that is much more valued in the world than Vietnam or China. It pains me to see products made in St. Lucia or Trinidad branded “Jamaica”.

    (Sorry so rambling; there is just so much to say on the topic of Jamaican production and manufacture or the lack thereof.)

    If WalMart were to set up shop, what would happen to the higglers?

  4. Far from it Sonia, there is no need to feel sorry as there is no rambling. In fact expression (productive or even negative) is to be encouraged as it will lead to dialog.

    Walmart stores coming to Jamaica in every parish would be a blessing and a dream come true. You are right, many farmers would benefit as so many mangoes and other produce per parish would have a fleet or organized stores to supply that may even make its way to the thousands of other Walmart stores around the world.

    In respect to higglers, it reminds me of my recent flight home a few weeks ago when a higgler asked me to check in one box for her. The box was filled with sandals. I told her I would have to see what’s in the box and she will have to empty it.

    She complied half way, but I knew I decided not to assist having gotten a negative nod from the agent at the counter.

    None the less the poor lady was thinking how she would solve her problem. All her friends were beckoning to me on why I should try and assist. I thought about it, then I knew I was not about to.

    The thought came to me how silly was I. What if inside the heels of those shoes were drugs?

    None the less nothing that a sniffer dog could not solve. But the higgler then resorted to making her other box hold the items in the extra box and her problems were solved.

    Frankly higglers are a result of a failed state. They are not to be blamed but they as far as I see it contribute to more negative than positive.

    For where I live they block all the side walks in the best plazas and are very dirty and very rude.

    So my vision is to see them all removed, leaving only the vendors who are required for such public access for pedestrian traffic sales and with professional set up and regulated much the way they now have it at Mandela Park where HWY begins. For the record HWY stops at cross roads.

    On my last trip to Brazil, it appears that they only allow a set number of side walk vendors per side walk and they appear not to be allowed to harass the pedestrians or block its traffic. They also work much longer hours than Jamaica side walk vendors.

    I bought coconut from vendors in Brasil using professional cart, and umbrella and wearing a apron and treated my sale as if I was in some first class restaurant or store. Always with “Obrigado” at the end of my sale. Which means thank you. I spent 3 months in Brasil in 2004.

    The point is higglers are informal traders for the most part even when formalized and placed in a fixed shopping location. It also created a sub culture which in itself was not positive for Jamaica.

    From an economic perspective the state will need to fully recognize that Jamaica cannot continue business as usual. For let us face it, higglers are relatively a new phenomenon arising primarily in strength and numbers in the 1980s.

    The real people who will suffer are those downtown stores owned by Arab traders. Such is business.

    Jamaica will need to retool its workforce and find new ways to create economic growth beyond the items which should be produced in Jamaica, if it is to be said made in Jamaica and is authentic to Jamaica.

    Jamaica’s future is to rid its side walks of so many informal and formal higglers. Pave the side walks with beautiful red bricks. Open side walk cafes so our people can not only walk in comfort as in any major city or modern country, but also live first class with the ambiance to go with it.

  5. Today I got a reply in respect to my message sent to Walmart. Below is a copy of the response. Let us think positive and work towards bringing them to Jamaica. Citizens and Jamaican Government alike should push hard in securing this golden opportunity.

    “Thank you for your message.

    Dear Rodger,

    We are delighted that you want to bring a Walmart store to your community. We are always searching for new places to open our stores, and appreciate it when informed, involved citizens like you let us know we are welcome.

    It’s because of people like you that Walmart works hard to save people money so they can live better. Because of your initiative, a copy of your message will be forwarded to our Real Estate Division for consideration.

    Again, thank you for your comments and we look forward to serving you in the future.

    Walmart Customer Care”

  6. I agree coming from England and living in Jamaica it would be great to have that shopping exprience, also I would work for Walmart as my friend works at Walmart, Leicester England tells me its a good company to work for. Mandeville, Jamaica a good place to put Walmart

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