One would expect after watching the video below and coming from an important man on such topics that LIME, Digicel, and Flow would have made real efforts to land quality computers in Jamaica at 50% cheaper than the market rate without sacrificing quality.

However this appears to be far from the case, as in the past with at least one Telco they had to give away junk computers which was intended for customers to purchase or obtain via subscriber package.

So bad were the junk PCs they could not be even used internally as they were sourced by amateurs working at the telco parading as professionals in the procurement of hardware space.

What is even worse is what does marketing heads have to do with business development? For you must first understand Economics and know what to bring to the market before the marketing heads can have their day in pushing what was already developed by an expert team.

Could this be the real reason why computers are so ridiculously high cost in Jamaica or if when low cost are total junk?

It is truly sad in a time of high energy cost, high PC cost and high Internet access cost that a great PC procurement deal is not taken fancy with the Telcos in solving the high cost of hardware for Jamaican consumers. Instead Telcos appear to be pushing for low cost and low quality or high cost and average quality.

What is required is high quality but low cost. This is where Hasee Computers can make a huge difference in the local market form a Telco perspective.

For a mom and pop operation will not be priced aggressively enough in providing the lowest cost for said units. Which is why Telcos must assume maximum responsibility in the purchase of MOQ of units from the best sources in bringing the best quality at the lowest cost.

17.3″ Green PC US$219 CIF

Why Telcos not buying? Because they appear to want to sell more expensive devices. No matter how they try to cut a deal there is none on the market as good as this.

All In One Green PC Specs:

17.3″” WXGA LED Backlight A grade, Intel Atom Dual Core
D525 1.8G,1G DDR3, 320G SATA, Intel NM10 Chipset, intel
GMAX3150 Integrated,802.11b/g/n Wifi,1.3M Camera,adapter


1: The price of the PI is CIF and specially offered and valid through
25th June,2011.

2: Add $20 per unit to include DVDRW. Add $1 per unit if for OEM production.

3: Add $31 for W7 starter EM, Add $67 for W7 Home premium.

Competition Lenovo model with similar size retails for as much as $54,000.

When you add to the fact that this is a Green PC which qualifies for duty free importation as it burns 65W compared to 185W-200W for a regular PC.

“Confirmed by JPSCo, the total peak demand capacity of JPSCo is 664MW and the future power demand for 350,000 households each with a single 185W PC have a total power demand of 65MW is equal to 9.78% = 10% of total peak demand power supply of 664MW.”


In fact there is virtually no need for significant mark up for the Telco on units as the unit is but a means to an end which is Internet access subscription. With the landed cost to the consumer @ $25,000 or less, along with certified after sales centers and 1 year warranty. The Telco will not lose in this investment as there is no need to subsidize the units.

Hasee is the best alternative with such powerful specs at such low price with such high quality, that this is a win win in staying green and bridging the digital divide.

For any executive in a any Telco who argue otherwise is total bias and or total incompetence in the field in which they operate in respect to securing high quality but low cost computers.


Hasee Computer Co, Ltd, from Shenzhen, signed $369 million worth of contracts with four Taiwan firms. Since June, the mainland has sent three trade delegations to Taiwan, and they have signed procurement contracts worth a total of $5.47 billion with Taiwan manufacturers.

Source: Mainland trade delegation signs $3.87b contracts with Taiwan.

Kingston Venture Capital Ltd is the sole authorize distributor and legal representative for Hasee Computer Co, Ltd, in Jamaica.


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