Search Engine or Web Portal or Search Engine & Web Portal?

With now out of the search biz, basically a content provider just like Yahoo. That leaves Google and Bing as the only search engines, well pure search engines.

Is it right to place,, and Yahoo in the search engine biz? or more so and

Should there be a information / news portal category that does not involve search as its recognition? Considering that in this category the leaders are Yahoo, MSN, and AOL without any fourth or fifth competitor.

So gets lumped into the search category along with Yahoo but not MSN. Why?

Aol does not power its own search nor offer a unknown search engine to rival the others. In fact Aol like Yahoo are powered by #1 and #2 search engines respectively.

So in all reality the search engine market is very small in terms of pure options and likewise the content / news portal such as Yahoo and Aol.

Is it time for a new entrant that will make them both look Web1.0? Though Yahoo as far as I see it borrowed heavily from another portal in respect to its new design.

What are your thoughts on such a portal and what would you look for in such a portal?

NB: It is already built and TBA. Pretty sick.


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