jahboo.com page design influences Ask.com? Or is it a total rip off?

Released along with others like it below (now deleted) in May 12, 2010

Spotted in the wild a month ago and up until recently as last night on their main domain Ask.com. However page cannot be located under themes, but in the wild at this URL: http://www.ask.com/?l=dis&o=14200cr

What do you think? It is flattering actually that a US$400 million per year in revenue company would appear to be influenced by such a small start up such as jahboo.com. Also jahboo.com in 2011 is the # 3 local website in Jamaica.

But it does not stop here. Did you know that jahboo.com original home page designed over a year before Yahoo.com new home page, appears also play a major influence in their new home page design.

In the web, design influences design. And such is the nature of the web. For even the spartan look by google influenced many search engine home page designs. But at what point do you become original, thus influenced but at the same time raise the bar to another level? Rather than being simply a knock off of the original?

Truth be told the final home page for jahboo.com / Tawfiki.com will make the current Yahoo.com home page look like it is from the stone age. But hey, a business is not a hobby. Or is it a hobby if there is no business plan or significant revenue stream for a website? 🙂


You may have noticed that google chrome first came out in making the browser act like a website and alsong with thumbnail images of websites last visited or most visited by the user. That mimicked much the same way the Web2.0 icons place below the search box, with the only exception of that their search slot is inside their URL address bar.

Now they are using the same concept for their google apps page. Basically functioning much like jahboo.com page seen above and now Ask.com.


Alexa.com Ranking places jahboo.com way above ask.com in Jamaica. jahboo.com # 20, Ask.com # 44