Truth be told there are similarities between the two. LIME bawling for levelling the playing field via appealing to the ignorant masses.

This is no different than how the PNP appealed to the masses to regain power.

The only contradiction is, LIME performance is like the JLP, while Digicel is like the PNP in respect to providing the masses with some tangible benefits.

While reading an article “Time for a level playing field in telecoms
Jamaica Observer, Sunday, January 22, 2012 some startling things jumped out and some expected.

For starters the article shows me that the author knows very little about the industry and how best to mobilize in face of talented competition. Continue reading


The merger is not bad. All LIME needs is to be innovative and recruit more talent. If it is a lack of talent then they need to fire all those who cannot make it happen. Results are everything.

The Digicel acquisition of Claro is good for Jamaica. As it forces the market to adapt and become more creative. But then again that takes real talent. Does LIME have that?

FTC is an empty barrel with a lot of noise.


1. The ability to run Wi-Max to the ground per customer Island-wide.

2. The ability to maximized under-served GSM spectrum for customers at 1/10 the cost for existing GSM customers.

3. The ability to reduce the cost of cell calls while increasing market share in a market where margins are thin and competition is fierce.

Truth be told LIME does not have the talent local or otherwise to do any of the above. Otherwise they would not be complaining.


Fire all middle and upper executives who are all talk and no performance. Performance means above, way, way above market standards of today. Thus doing exactly what Digicel did when they entered the market as a newcomer. Can LIME Jamaica do this? 🙂

Of course they can. My fee is $28 million after tax per year. Minimum 3 year contract.

Where was C&WJ now LIME when I introduced IPTV to them in 2005 for Jamaica, along with other key technologies still relevant today, to gain market share?

Mobile TV in its current format/package in my opinion is all glitter, and not all that glitters is gold.


If Digicel meant evil intentions they would have kept Claro and stick to the offer made by Bruce Golding. As in my opinion they could use Claro as a third company to deter a 4th entrant to the market.