Truth be told there are similarities between the two. LIME bawling for levelling the playing field via appealing to the ignorant masses.

This is no different than how the PNP appealed to the masses to regain power.

The only contradiction is, LIME performance is like the JLP, while Digicel is like the PNP in respect to providing the masses with some tangible benefits.

While reading an article “Time for a level playing field in telecoms
Jamaica Observer, Sunday, January 22, 2012 some startling things jumped out and some expected.

For starters the article shows me that the author knows very little about the industry and how best to mobilize in face of talented competition.

Having stated this remark let me elaborate. The author having pointed out that interconnection rates as a focal point of contention. As from my reading the author made a valid point (In my own words), that it is cheaper to call a person in the Far East than it is to call a person standing right next to you in Jamaica.


If it is not grounded on intelligent design it is inferior and as such require leveling the playing field. Superior minds create, or may destroy before they create something great.

For years I have been stating that the Jamaican Telecom sector was never really liberalized. In fact I estimate that Min. Paulwell then, cost Jamaica to date US$5 billion to US$7 billion in economic losses from lack of development when he failed to fully liberalized the Telecom sector.

For how can it be cheaper to call companies in the USA via Megaphone at the time, than it is to call local persons to seek out new business?

For JM$1,000 per month one could talk unlimited per month to the USA and other countries. While for $100 one could only talk 5 minutes or 10 minutes max.

Thus for JM$1,000 my talk time was approximately 50 minutes to 100 minutes locally land line or mobile irrespective of the provider or network number I was calling.

So why was this? And why did C&WJ and now LIME have not sought intelligent design to correct the matter and remain competitive?

Telecom does not mean cell calls alone. Thus regulating or lifting of monopoly constraints imposed on one telecom in the past or to be placed on one in the future, may prove more disastrous than one would imagine.

As such interconnection rates should not be the primary focus, but the entire sector which must lead to greater competition across the entire spectrum of the industry.

LIME should fold its Jamaica operation if it cannot sustain it. That is what Claro did. By doing so will allow intelligent design to enter the market and do what Digicel did to C&WJ the only major player in the market at the time.

C&WJ had 10 years to correct its mistakes. They selected locals who in my book do not posses intelligent design. As such fire all of the middle management and upper management and hire workers from the West Coast of the USA, Germany, Japan, India, Singapore, and Trinidad.

While doing this also select two local talent per position to study under these expats. After 4 years they will or should be ready to take control of such positions.

The local culture in my book cannot be left to handle intelligent design or even come up with it. Their evolution has been extremely slow to date, and simply are not ready for prime time.

50 Years Of Independence & What Do They Have to Show For It?

Like LIME, the Jamaican economy and infrastructure along with its social fabric has deteriorated. From down town to Cross Roads to Eastwood Park Gardens they have made a mockery of the country while heading to an important milestone.

Intelligent design is not a joke. It is either obtained through genetics or cultivated in recipients who have fertile minds where it can spring.

LIME Jamaica is a microcosm of the Jamaican people. Left to its own faculties it is destined to fail.


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