1. How many uniques are there at UWI and UTECH after they visit a website?

2. How many unique visitors are there at various Internet Cafes when the users visit a website?

The answer to the above applies to several other schools and computer labs around the Island.

Ad agencies and or marketing managers act as blocker for companies being solicited in spending advertising dollars on local websites because they do not own these websites and they do not have the experience to determine what makes a site trafficked or have valuable impressions based on traffic.

Why have the following companines NCB, BNS, RBC, JMMB, LIME, FLOW, DIGICEL, GRACE, SUPREME VENTURES, WISYNCO, RED STRIPE, ISLAND GRILL  been lacking in advertising on the top 5 Jamaican entrpreneur websites? (Online newspapers do not qualify as they all have a legacy business product/model and undermine the actual value in ad dollars for Internet start ups).

As such when you hear or any major company responding with bull manure aka BS.  It is because their marketing managers are either old women, women, effeminate men and or f…… idiots and simply regurgitate what the ad agency tells them as gospel or come up with their own nonsense.

Note, none of these sub groups are responsible for any great innovation or creation to date in technology.

To date is the # 3 local website and # 4 most popular search engine in Jamaica since November of 2011 and also obtained such ranking in 2010 within its first 6 months of launch. In fact I hear Jamaica Yellow pages radio ads about their online yellow pages, which is ranked way below


Image Source:

It is these same people who know nothing about the INTERNET that get suckered into backing some get rich by any means idiots and Internet start ups which by my standards are nothing more than shams or scams.

Then again if you are good at deep brown nosing and securing investments then go for it. Better not look at the JSE Junior Market (JSE JM) with such BS, as that would be living proof that that JSE JM is being viewed by get rich quick schemes as the new Olint.

One thing is for sure once the market reveals the truth it will not be business as usual. As it will affect the entire future of Internet start ups in Jamaica or outside Jamaica by Jamaican investors, as a bubble is never good in any market.

The result or a bubble or poor investments in Internet start ups is very bad for the market and future Internet start ups with real talent, real product and or service for Jamaica or the Diaspora will suffer stagnation.


(a) What are the barriers to entry?

(b) How do you plan to get paid?

(c) What makes you confident you will get paid?

(d) Content owners are King. Why should they use your platform over all the others available?

(e) Why should a content owner go with you when they can launch their own channel?

(f) Why did all such start ups fail since 2005 to date?

(g) Why has Google not able to make a profit from You Tube and You Tube is so huge?

(h) Why is Amazon going to make Netflix and Hulu think hard about their business model?

(i) Have you ever designed and lauched a successful Internet start up website?

(j) How do I really know for sure all these numbers and data you speak of relating to your expertise are real?

(k) Were you milking the media for coverage with inside help to paint a grandiose picture of who you are not? Thus are you an Internet start up expert or only dressed up as one?


Here’s How The TV Business Actually Works (And Why It’s Going To Take Longer Than You Think To Disrupt It)

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Like most VCs or Angel Investors they will control the flow of cash and the use of investment. Thus the following is to be maximized and not wasted.

Let us assume an investment USD$400,000 as an example = JMD34 million / 36 months = JMD944,444 per month

JMD944,444 – CEO & COO salary of JMD300,000 = JMD644,000

JMD644,444 – Staff of 5 with average university degree holder / skilled certificate holder pay of JMD80,000 per month = JMD644,444 – JMD400,000 = JMD244,444. What can this remainder in investment do in terms of content production, content acquisition, and other areas not specified?

Thus it is obvious that salaries would not be the focus but content creation which is expensive. So why not invest with people who know how to or are experts in content creation?

When I came to the market but did not release the product there were players before Jamaica Wireless and after. They have all failed and wasted immense capital. I see no difference today, and cheap talk and jargon that cannot impress me or fool me to invest in rubbish.

Jamaica Wireless was one of a few who sought to enter the market in 2007 after the following company also started the trail:

Revolutionary media distribution company wins technology award

These jokers below sought out Jamaica Wireless for information about the IPTV market/seek knowledge. The truth was in the execution which I never shared with them.

It not implied indirectly or directly that the following company below did not come to the market with a legitimate product or service. They are being used in this article to outline the complexities of the sector being discussed. That being Internet start ups.


Irie TV and another that launched also in 2008 both failed in less than a year. They were both present at the same event in which I made my presentation on other topics relating to Cable TV, and IPTV that being Caribbean Media Conference & Expo 2008.

One Irie TV person seen in the picture in the article link above had the nerve to make disrespecting comments on in the audience while not even having a clue to the questions/jeers they asked.

When I spoke a relative of the investor on the matter a year or two after the launch. He was so pissed he refused to divulge their losses. That’s the price you pay for going with amateurs. This is why Jamaica Wireless placed its own Internet TV channel on hold since 2007 after write up in Jamaica Observer.

I also recalled JUMP TV which all media heads ran head deep into against my expert advise. Of course they will all say it is working out.

The truth was they were complete old people men and women, who knew not what they saw. As such they made a complete mess of a prime market and Jamaica could be on par with the USA in respect to this sector and creativity and innovation.

But these jokers today having been spoon fed line, hook and anchor or having seen the movie “The Social Network” and the gazillions in dollars (local currency translation from billions of USD) that will be made by Mark Zuckerberg must have thought they now see gold in them there hills.

Truth be told that in 2005 to 2009 the hardware and software were the hardest part followed by content acquisition. Now since 2010 or 2011 the technology is turn key and nothing revolutionary.

Now depending on the audience ordinary Joes will look like super smart business men and tech gurus when in fact they are nothing short of utter frauds in my book.

For starters you should know that statistics and wording all needs to be taken in perspective to fully understand where one going and what kind of picture is being painted. If you do not understand colours, shades, thus art. Then how can you even critique art?


The New York Times online edition does not need a SEO expert. As it is natural for a population to seek out content for free from an already well established physical product such as newspaper or any newspaper in any country as for that matter.

The New York Times online edition is not considered in the same breath as a or a 100% Internet company or even a 100% online newspaper start up. As it has years of legacy and brand recognition along with a physical product to sell and earn revenue.

In fact it would be in the newspapers best interest to under sell the actual value of online ads so as not to cannibalize their print ad cash cow.


Unfortunately these parading amateurs with start ups along with their executives who pretend to be experts both as marketing people and as advisers, only will contribute to a bubble in the local market if left unchecked.

No local executive is qualified to be an adviser for any of my Internet start ups much less on a board in any capacity that serves no real purpose. They are not rock stars.



  1. Having met one of the pioneers a few days ago. He mentioned to me / reminded me about CaribCast TV who also launched the same time as Irie TV. The prior located in South Florida.

    Their Alexa Traffic Rank is 16,044,185. Which basically means that their website has virtually very little traffic.

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