I came to this conclusion based on the following quote I read from the following article below;

LIME to bundle popular products with faltering fixed line service

“Fixed line is in structural decline because of mobile substitution,” Sinclair told the Financial Gleaner. “We are losing that customer base,” he said.

LIME has put in place a ‘churn management’ programme to mitigate the fallout over time.

It includes a plan to bundle popular services with fixed-line products, including international plans, and a new service called ‘Browse & Talk’ which links free fixed line talk time to broadband.

A more ambitious bundle is now being designed to incorporate mobile TV, but Sinclair said he it was too early to disclose the details.

Source: Jamaica Gleaner.

Truth be told I do not think they have the IQ to make any real or meaningful changes to make any significant dent in the telecom market. The above clearly shows why.

The above is not innovation nor is it creativity. It is substandard to say the least. My offer still stands.

A POST WITHIN A POST – JUNE 16, 2012 12:38PM


While heading home from HWT I saw some nice looking young ladies with flyers. I saw $2.99 per minute and went over and simply took a flyer from her hands.

I read it and I realized LIME Jamaica is truly doomed. Why? Well before I answer that question again read the Jamaica Observer article on the subject of LIME Jamaica new call rates below:

$2.99! LIME makes massive cut in call rates
New rate not last-ditch effort, says LIME

Read more:–LIME-makes-massive-cut-in-call-rates_11707672#ixzz1xyj6ZDKd

If you have read the article above then you should be better equipped to understand what is written in the blog article since day one.

Now for the simple mind, roughly 99% of the population it all seems to glitter like Gold this announcement. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

Let us not forget that CLARO Jamaica with the richest man in the world could not defeat DIGICEL Jamaica, and they too deployed unsustainable low call rates and call plans to no avail.

In fact they had to sell to their rival their entire Jamaican operation in return for Digicel leaving their South America market.

So the question that needs to be asked is this. What in heaven or earth could save LIME Jamaica beyond a Genius from Imminent doom with such desperate last ditch tactics?

Fact is CLARO Jamaica tried it and failed and they had wads of cash. Lime Jamaica is not exactly floating in cash or not exactly floating at all as a telecom company.

Armed with superior genetics and superior intelligence, Digicel Jamaica expats are simply too smart for the local paper & pencil pushers posing as Telecom executives at LIME Jamaica. It is just that simple.

However not all superior intelligence and superior genetics in terms of what contributes to intelligence are expats. There are a few locals who do posses it.

Unfortunately for LIME Jamaica they do not have access to such talent and as such will fail miserably if it is unable to pivot and come again.

Truth be told, LIME Jamaica does not stand a chance, as all Digicel has to do is also offer similar rates and wait and see. Thus wait them out until they bleed to death of lack of revenue and exit the market.

2,000 local job loss is not that bad of a pill for the country to swallow. Look on the bright side, they all were employed for some considerable time while over 20,000 had no jobs.

So the glass is half full and not half empty.



    • Yup but I know alot of people who are reconsidering their devotion to Digicel after their $2.89 per minute rate cut. Per minut billing where you always lose part of your money…the cut-out part of the phone call just to let you know you have one minute left!!! At the very least we deserve lower call rates local & international. If it were left up to Digicel this would NEVER have happened and they would have continued to gouge or eyes out!

  1. Mitzie, I actually do not even a cell phone. Soon will be one year since I ditched the device they call a cell phone.

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