Normally I do not write about such things for this blog. But I have begun to see something emerging which correlates to business, economics, finance, race and and IQ especially as it relates to Jamaica and its social progression and economic growth.

It is stated as a nations IQ increase so does its GDP. First let me state what my observations have pointed out. There is no such thing as a Negroe race, or a single black race or black race for that matter as is now defined. Why?

Negroe the term originated from the time of the slave trade from the Spaniards using the term Negra for people they saw with black skin or dark brown skin. The people they sought to give an identity did not use such labels.

Not to mention that many of those Spaniards were not even considered a part of the white race as the were the Vikings or the Swedes of today. Though a few Spanish families were in deed of such of what is called the white race. You may look at this way.

In a long ago time, the following races or people were never considered to be of the white race. They being Greeks, Romans, most Italians today, Spaniards, Portuguese, and several states near such Peoples.

Unlike in Jamaica where Arabs, Jews, half breeds and  mix breeds are considered as whites, is much the same level of ignorance as today with much of these other tribes from the region now called Europe are considered whites.

Which is why the Vikings enslaved the Irish (Some would say a heavily mixed Neanderthal humanoid looking group at the time) for 500 years. Much longer than what slavery lasted for people out of the place they call Africa. We now know that Japanese and Chinese are not the same race.

Yet they share similar colour skin and hair and from a short distance most would confuse them as the same race.

There is no such thing as a Asian race. Maybe that is why the Japanese were so brutal to the Chinese when they had conquered them and became their masters for a short period in history.

However due to decades of European dominance in the world and at the time lack of knowledge on their part that it will prove difficult to educate black races and brown races regarding this topic.

This have made it virtually impossible for people who are brown skinned and also black skinned to know their race as they think all blacks and all browns are of the same race. Thus Marcus Garvey was incorrect when he spoke of a Negro race.

For if the Chinese and the Japanese are not of the same race, why is it impossible for two black skinned people or two brown skinned people who all may be confused as the Negro race, not to be of the same race?

There is no such thing as a single African / black race which makes all people of similar colour from one race. You may be aware why the true race from what they now call Egypt painted their skin red in many paintings so as to distinguish themselves from other races in the region with similar skin colour and similar skin tones.

Truth be told there are several black races and several brown races in Africa. Some so brown they are light brown, and so light in skin colour they look what locals would say fair skin yet have no European or other racial mixture. Which brings me to the point of racial mixing.

Even in the event of heavy racial mixing, thus 3 or more races making up a family line. Genes can jump from either race to the offspring. So not because one has black or white or Indian or Chinese or Japanese in a blood line, makes all the relatives the same.

Some offspring may inherit the genes, qualities, and traits from one or more races than another. And as such act, think differently, and or have vastly inferior or vastly superior IQ though they grew up in the same home and of the same family line.

Many would argue, if you are not white you are black. Meaning they do not recognise a brown race. Or if you are like Obama you are black.

But how can Obama be black if he is 50% white and 50% black? They would further argue he acts black or his skin is not white, or from you have a drop of black blood in you, that you are no longer white and as such black.

Then if this is to hold, why if the same person who has a drop of white blood in them that they are no longer black?

It would almost give rise to the belief that the white is so pure, so superior that only the lesser race, the black could claim such a offspring as its own.

So 50/50 cannot be one race or the other race only, unless you reject one over the other even though they have 50/50 mix.

It is true that people of the same race some how act and reflect certain traits not just such intelligence, and the ability to shape their intelligence similar to their ancestors regardless of time line between them.

The same holds for gene jumping with mixed race people.

Genetics is a new frontier and funny enough if Hitler knew he could have been sub human and not 100% human, Thus 4% Neanderthal. He would have thought twice in not recognizing which species were actually superior.

For there are several races in the modern human species, and several that are inferior in respect to intelligence. However the mixing of separate non modern human inferior species now extinct may have caused serious harm to how man views each other today.

The secret I believe lies in DNA testing. For if modern man is to truly move forward in pure science, all lies and false data must be eradicated and all truth as science can prove it today to the best of our abilities must be recognized.

It is as such why the white man today now claims he is an African or what is called such, and to my shock also claims is that some Europeans and others have 4% Neanderthal gene.

So technically in the early days of the USA when blacks and browns were considered 3/5 a man / human, was incorrect. As it very well could have been some of the Europeans who had 4% gene of another species present in their system that were 3/5 a man / human.

Yet it was not long ago the same white man said that the Neanderthal was such an inferior humanoid, he was made extinct via coming into contact with the vastly superior intellect of modern man (That being he of course, the modern man that is.

For in those days black or brown races were still considered as offspring of monkeys or apes). Though today they are changing such views to make the Neanderthal look almost on par if not equal with modern man or even linking the two as being from some distant relative.

If that were the case why did it go extinct? The Neanderthal and others like it that is. It is also stated now that the Neanderthal had a black cousin in Africa which may also give rise to why so many variations of type of races and their mannerism and qualities exist there.

As more discoveries are made, science is showing that there could have been several non modern man / sub human / humanoid specie roaming the earth like there are several types of birds of the sky, several types of fishes of the sea, and several types of four legged beast of the land.

Maybe there is some truth or I should say contribution about the Nanjing man and others like it. Or better yet the Hobbits from the Pacific Islands. If all this turns out to be true, then WWII and mass extermination may have been before its time.

As pure humans may see it fit to exterminate all non pure humans. Forget race wars or clan wars / tribal wars within the human species. As specie war would take priority in such a scenario.

Or it could be that mankind would realize that such things do not matter, with exception of keeping the lesser intelligent races, lesser intelligent clans / tribes, lesser intelligent classes of society, lesser intelligent species from creating havoc in society and the rest of the world?

This may give credence to the Illuminati and Masonic Order secret society conspiracy theories out there only in regards to the concept of the elite and the elite dominating and not necessarily to their other false doctrines or history.

For all is based on the last great empire and super power to date. That being  aka Egyptians (Greek name for the place where Arabs now call home who according to experts arrived there in 8AD).

See interesting videos below: http://www.youtube.com/watch

San Bush Man Video 



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