While I create a platform for Diaspora IPO2.0 / Initial Private Offering (IPO2.0) and revolutionize Jamaican investors both local and overseas. My main advantage is that of patents under section 24 of the JIPO act and ability to offer 16% per year or if I so feel generous 10% per month or greater via my patent payout called Tawfiki effect.

In the USA is is now law for investors to invest in business online without need of the previous SEC regulations.

In Jamaica the FSC and myself are currently in talks on how best to move forward in this new space. Such talks are via with the FSC Director of Compliance & Internal Control. Continue reading



The above shows 183,313 monthly visitors. What the data does not show is that from this total only 30.2% are from Jamaica which translates to 55,361 visitors.

For local visitors the Jamaica Gleaner main website attracts 52,580 monthly local visitors. Or 28.2% of its total comes from Jamaica.

The third most popular ranked site is a government site called JIS. Of which 66.1% are local from their total making the number of local visitors 11,355 per month.

Fourth most popular site is actual a gleaner owned site called the Star and saw a massive jump in traffic of over 30,000 for the month of April alone in 2012. Using the stats prior to their massive jump shows that from the total of 46,090 only 19.4% were local which equates to 8,941 visitors per month. Using the latest stats of 79,610 along with the 19.4% local visitors, reveals 15,444 local visitors per month.

The fifth most popular site is also a gleaner owned site called go-jamaica.With 42.1% of its visitors as local. From their base of 31,006 at the local visitor percentage equates to 13,054.

At number six according to for local sites that is With 18,855 being visitors. 96.2% are from Jamaica. This translates to 18,139 of its monthly visitors from Jamaica.

Now you may see it clear as day that the two national newspapers are not Internet start up companies operated by Internet entrepreneurs. Nor do they rely on the Internet for revenue for their business as they both have a physical product in demand 7 days per week based on a legacy industry. As such on-line ads are actually undervalued by these two entities.

You may also notice that the third ranked site is a government site, and that the two other sites following it also fall under a newspaper company that being the gleaner.

What is not obvious without closer inspection is that only the main newspapers main website have a higher local traffic count than Yet little effort was placed in marketing You would have never seen an online ad promoting

None the less this article was developed for ignorant marketing managers for Jamaican companies who speak nothing but rubbish when faced with facts. They refuse to come up with real data to say otherwise. But simply say “There are other local websites which offer higher traffic and more obvious advertising potential”.

Immoral and unethical principles does not make a company great. As such will never sell its morals or ethics.