While I create a platform for Diaspora IPO2.0 / Initial Private Offering (IPO2.0) and revolutionize Jamaican investors both local and overseas. My main advantage is that of patents under section 24 of the JIPO act and ability to offer 16% per year or if I so feel generous 10% per month or greater via my patent payout called Tawfiki effect.

In the USA is is now law for investors to invest in business online without need of the previous SEC regulations.

In Jamaica the FSC and myself are currently in talks on how best to move forward in this new space. Such talks are via with the FSC Director of Compliance & Internal Control.

I am not aware if the FSC are aware of the latest developments in the states in respect to this new space.

Jamaicans local and Diaspora along with the FSC and government need to be on the alert for opportunist and scammers. Such types have all the right connections and press releases.

But when you dig deep enough they do not bring anything to the table except to tell you how to spend your money and where to put it.

In short they have no innovations, no patents, no trademarks, no new products or services, no new business models, no nothing. Just face and a network of other faces and how much money they have made without innovation.

The following information ware extremely powerful and useful for subject matter.

Soon Even Your Mom Can Invest: Senate Passes Crowdfunding Bill 73-26 (With Protections)


Ready, Set, Crowdfund: President Obama To Sign JOBS Act Tomorrow


Crowdfunding: $1.5B Raised, 1M Campaigns Funded In 2011; Figures Set To Double In 2012


CROWDFUNDING INDUSTRY REPORT (ABRIDGED VERSION): Market Trends, Composition and Crowdfunding Platforms (May 2012)



  1. Crowdfunding could link diaspora to investment in Caribbean in a big way

    Publihsed – Sunday, December 15, 2013 Source: Jamaica Observer

    Read more:

    The above article in the Jamaica Observer sounds 100% like what Diaspora IPO2.0 / IPO2.0 is designed to do, with exception of what appears to less of a free market approach and more of selected self interest groups circling the wagon to present to the public who is credible and who is not.

    IP02.0 has been looked at via the FSC in Jamaica for some time now and awaiting clearance. Along with the JOBS Act Title III section to be approved for the sector in middle of next year.

    Most important allowing unaccredited investors the ability to invest.

    What is flawed about this article is the insertion of special interest group seeking to act as a the standard in the approving status / accreditation status for entities seeking to operate in this space.

    By virtue of appear to set or recommend standards that are directly tied to legacy private sector groups and also lobbyist groups with their own agendas. This goes smack against the grain of creativity and what led to the rise of such a sector in the USA.

    Government intervention as is the case with the SEC in the states, is only as so much as to make sure existing laws are not broken or to remove / change /amend such laws to promote creativity and economic growth while protecting investors interest.

    What I gather from the article link is much more sinister and devious.


  2. I had a fruitful and long conference call with members of the FSC on Friday, December 20, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. to discuss the matter in relation to the IPO 2.0.

    Later I also saw another article that speaks to my previous comment above. You may find it of great interest. Nothing that was not known to me for the past 7 years.

    In fact when I contacted the Ministry in charge of the last Diaspora conference and asked why I was not selected to participate considering did so in 2008 and introduced two electronic platforms for the Diaspora, or if it is possible to get in and make a presentation on IPO2.0, the answer was a flat no.

    What is funny is that my first attendance to the Diaspora Conference in 2008 I introduced then a social network for the Diaspora and the Jamaica Entrepreneur Association Social Network to link members of the Diaspora to investment opportunities and business start ups.

    I find it funny that JN National is a major sponsor for the Diaspora event, and now meddling in Crowdfunding as an institution that is brick and mortar and a legacy institution. It almost appears opportunist in nature, and not driven by market trends, or market innovation on their part.

    This is another article about the sector in which IPO2.0 under Diaspora IPO2.0 will serve, and provides first hand proof that KVC and IPO2.0 has always been ahead of innovation.

    The post and comments are to serve for readers interested in following the developments of IPO2.0 and Diaspora IPO2.0.


    While reading the following article, The following jumped out at me;

    “A depository receipt is a transferable security, usually in the form of equity that is issued by a foreign publicly listed company and traded on a local stock exchange.

    But these aren’t available locally as yet.”

    Source: FSC to develop crowdfunding rules

    Why did the FSC mention this line? Is there going to be a forced link with the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE)? After all this is not the norm in the USA.

    I will be following these developments keenly. The FSC in the article said it could not disclose the firms or individuals that have approached them. Well I can.

    From late 2011 I have approached them with the concept and in 2012 revealed to them the model and that it is known as IPO2.0 While providing numerous data to educate them on the industry.

    I am however very concerned on their approach towards the the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). As in my view they may seek to project legacy players in pretense of protecting the investor. Where were they when Wall Street and global traders in exotic securities caused billions of dollars to vanish in thin air, while not creating any new jobs or technology in the process?

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