Gasoline Vehicle (vs.) Electric Vehicle

The comparison between gasoline and electric vehicle is not just from an economic perspective but that also from an environmental angle and the impact on the Jamaican economy at the Micro level. This comparison is predicated on the fact that the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) will have to provide 100% duty free import and tax free status for Electric Vehicles (EVs).

The GOJ will benefit in its efforts in reducing gasoline imports, the reduction of dangerous green house gas CO2 from the environment, along with the significant short term and long term economic benefits that comes with a duty free and tax free status. The comparison will involve commercial sector taxi operators and private car owners that use gasoline and their respect operating expenditure (OPEX).

The official count for taxi operators in Jamaica as of 2011 that fall under the National Council of Taxi Associations (NCTA) is that of 21,000. Just as a quick introduction, these taxis account for 107,100 tons (metric ton) annually of greenhouse gas CO2 into the Jamaican environment. Continue reading