Having shared this new concept for marketing in the restaurant and fast food industry with several contacts, friends and even strangers thus anyone who would listen for several months now. I will reveal it to the public on my blog.

The copyright material was first developed for ACE PIZZA. Thus with a purchase of a large pizza one would obtain a $150 in Mobile Phone Credit (Minus tax for phone credit).

Having now looked at the restaurant business and having already owned several Trademarks along with Patents pending and a few Copyright materials. I decided to share this information with the general public today.


Purchase any small meal or higher 3 days or per week and obtain $90 to $150 in Mobile Phone Credit each week minus tax for mobile credit.

As cash is not really an innovation but the phone credit offer is, as everyone in Jamaica wants phone credit or lacks enough credit daily and or weekly, as no one pays / rewards you to buy and eat your lunch via phone credits.

If you only purchase a meal a few times per week or once per week, then the total cash rewards or Mobile Phone Credit Rewards would amount until the end of the month if below the $90 minimum accumulation.

The above is the sole property and copyright material of Kingston Venture Capital owner.

This is to serve as legal notice to all MNC or businesses that zero Copyright violations will be tolerated.