Payout % = Rd = ([(D)* x (Po)]/Po) x t x 100 (ROE in %)

The image that was sent to graphic artist was incorrect. When fixed will be posted.


Rp = D/Po


Rp’ = Rd = (D)* x (Po)


(1) Rd = (D)* x (Po) (Income / single payment period)

(2) Rd = [(D)* x (Po)] x t (Multiple payment period, ROE in $)

(3) Rd = ([(D)* x (Po)] x t) – (Po) (Net Income)

(4) Rd = ([(D)* x (Po)]/Po) x t x 100 (ROE in %)

(5) Rd = ([(D)* x (Po)]/Po) x t (Equity Multiplier)

As soon as “The JOBS Act” is approved in the USA. Citizens from the states can use this platform.

IPO2.0 “A Business Opportunity”

Web2.0 platform not yet released in respect to user interface for start ups and investors.

It is called Initial Private Offering (IPO2.0). You may think of it as a combination of,, and except without the clutter.

IPO2.0 Is a platform for investors seeking high rate of returns in lucrative markets, primarily solar lease and and virtual shares in Biotech, bringing U.S patent approved cancer fighting drugs to market.

Minimum rate 16% per annum for all listed projects. Site fee 4% per annum per project.


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