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Seriously when I saw the first pic it was total DWL. I mean it is so right on the money in many ways. Sad but true.
The second pic is of course what every normal man would dream of, that being a lovely wife that has a career and also is a great cook and knows her role in the nuclear family.
The following blog articles are sourced from the url shown. Read them all, as Jamaica has its own share problems affecting young males.
When you see so many females seeking to lead tech related sectors or seeking to sniff their way there. One should take note, as I for one consider most of them nothing more than skilled parasitic opportunists.
To date no Jamaican female has contributed anything significant to the tech sector in Jamaica. Yet their faces/names are always seem to make it in the newspapers at major events as if they have something to contribute. This is really sad.
How many male tech entrepreneurs have been shot down by female executives/or effeminate male executives (same thing) in Jamaica after presenting a great tech product or service? Yet a pair of skirt shows up and walla, success. Taking part of a line from my favorite mayor. WTF?
Female Venture Capitalist: Women Tech Entrepreneurs Can’t Cut It  

Arrington: “Women Entrepreneurs — Stop Blaming Men For Your Problems.”

Women Don’t Want To Run Startups Because They’d Rather Have Children
These Tech Companies Still Don’t Have Women On Their Boards
Of Course There Are Gender Differences, But They Don’t Account For The Lack Of Women In Tech
Lack Of Women Entrepreneurs Makes The Tech Conversation Frustratingly Unbalanced
Why No Women Want To Be On A “Women In Tech” Panel
Here’s The Real Reason SendGrid Fired The Woman Who Complained About ‘Dongle’ Jokes
Why Female Entrepreneurs Need Male Mentors
Tech Really Is A Man’s Man’s Man’s World
At Work, Gray-Haired Men Are ‘Experienced’ But Women Are ‘Simply Old’
I knew of Start Up Chile from its inception  In fact based on feedback from several local programmers who I had some interest in. They knew of no locals who knew about it.
I simply encouraged them to join / apply to the program as it looked promising. However I knew it was no Silicon Valley nor could it ever come close in a decade or four.
Now years later I see some locals via the GOJ seeking to enter the Venture Capital sector, via some creation of a program in such a sector.
It should be noted in Jamaica whenever there is a drop of blood of free money or near free money, all the old and new vultures come circling.
This is mainly caused by a lack of real talent required for real innovation in the tech space.
As the space evolves so will the rules or lack of rules of the game. My experience in Jamaica since arriving from California in 2004 has taught me a lot.
Trust no one, and especially stay away from old women, stay away from effeminate men, and to a lesser extent old men. They have past their prime and have very little to contribute in terms of new ideas, or creative juices .
They can also be very vindictive, malicious, covetous, insanely obsessed with vanity, think they can really compete with young males or men in their prime. 
Now to see Jamaica’s interest in Start Up Chile caught my attention.
 Full Caption: (From left, seated) Carolina Rossi of Start-up Chile, Ivan Gonzalez and Fabio Pittiluga of the World Bank. Standing (from left), Audrey Richards, Development Bank of Jamaica; Joel Dean, software developer; Dionne Palmer, Technology Innovation Centre; Julian Robinson, minister of state in the Ministry of Technology, Energy and Mining; Sandra Glasgow of Biz Tactics Ltd; Dr Stacey-Ann Wilson, adviser to Minister Robinson; Roxanne Wanliss, software developer; Reginald Nugent, adviser, Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce; Ingrid Riley of Connectimass; and Stephen Gentles, software developer.
Lets see where the GOJ and its team of prime experts take Jamaica next.
Startup Chile Clones: Field of Dreams? – By Start Up Buzz
“It’s well-known that there have been dozens of instances of governments trying to “create the next Silicon Valley.” None have succeeded. I doubt anyone would argue that Startup Chile is the model that cracks the code.”
“It wasn’t a government, after all, that built Silicon Valley. It was capitalists and entrepreneurs.”
The Good and Bad of Startup Chile – By Citizen Tekk
“Moreover, Chile is a small market, and there is very little in the way of venture capital to be had. Few Startup Chile participants have received VC funding. One company, Entrustet, was acquired. Graduates of Startup Chile have mostly, as far as I have heard, left Chile and moved back to their home countries, though it must be noted that the majority of them maintain some business connection with Chile. But in general, Chilean taxpayers haven’t gotten much in the way of entrepreneurial zing for their pesos.”


The alleged Technology Innovation Center located at UTECH Jamaica has been around for some years now.  It was founded by a one Sandra Glasgow. See something on her on the net here

See the history of the TIC below;


“Established in 2002, the Technology Innovation Centre (TIC) is a specialised unit of the Joan Duncan School of Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Leadership (JDSEEL), of the College of Business and Management (COBAM), all of which are a part of the University of Technology, Jamaica. The TIC supports the growth and development of early stage, technology driven, and technology enabled companies in the residential programme, as well companies from other industries in the associate and virtual programmes.

The TIC holds the distinction of being the English Speaking Caribbean’s first business Incubator and is seen as a unique institution with a vision of making a positive difference in the business community. It was developed out of the former Entrepreneurial centre, which was established at UTech in 1987.

As a business incubator, it is designed to assist businesses to become established and profitable during their start up or early development phase. The main benefit is its ability to substantially reduce the start up costs of enterprises and reduce the risk of small business failure”. Source:

There Clients:

My checks some years aback showed that “March 2004, Mr. Lee-Chin pledged US$1 million to be disbursed over five years to the Technology Innovation Centre at the University of Technology (Kingston)” Source: Google Search.

I am not sure if this pledge ever made its way to the TIC.

Frankly the TIC is nothing more than a glorified location for not so cheap office space for rent. There is nothing innovative about it, with exception of 1-3 of the clients of the past and present.

92% of Founders are Male 

Venture Capital Human Capital Report – Gender, Race, Age, Education Demographics on VC Backed Company Founders.


History is correct, males are the future of science and technology. Though there are a few exceptions with super female scientist who kick their butts hands down.

The point is this. There may be direct correlation in Jamaica’s poor economic performance over the last 40 years, and the lack of males playing their vital role in society due to unqualified females/effeminate males holding key positions important to growth at the grass roots level and the top level. They are posers in my book, and that is bad for economics.

This of course is based on my own experience in Jamaica and what I have seen across various boards of major companies and various executive positions in various companies in Jamaica.

It is a totally ridiculous and a total fallacy in thinking that women in Jamaica can lead a tech sector or play any significant role in its development at any level. History of technology innovations proves that this is impossible. 


Kingston Venture Capital Conference & Expo 2009 Expert technical panellist for technology related ventures held at JTI Training room.  See website for event kingstonvc2009.

The event was not a event for sold out audience, but held without any media support with international players video conference to make vital contacts in the VC sector for the local technology participants. Funny enough the entire slate of presenters were all males.

In 2009 there were very few takers. No females got in locally to support the event from a corporate stand point, and frankly the meeting I had with the TIC was total hog wash.

They the TIC even had the nerve to ask for all my VC contacts in the states and to put off holding my event for 6 months so they could hold one like my own using my contacts. It was quite a shocker really. 



Having been here for some time now, I would say it is now safe to say that Jamaica is not ready for international VCs to enter the market. Unless they are being guided by honest local VCs and or industry experts. This of course is so hard to find it is ridiculous. 

It is not uncommon for so called tech experts  to claim that their websites had over 40,000 unique local visitors per month or if my memory serves me correct one dude even claimed having over 500,000 unique local visitors & international per month.

What is sad is that the time I recalled that article Jamaica did not even have that many people on the internet to contribute a significant amount of uniques to his site. Now I hear is a VC, and have never ran a successful tech start up to date.

Scamming seems to be in the blood here a lot. Not something Jamaicans should be proud of or tolerate at all. The sad thing some of these scammers think they are justified in their scam. CBS even exposed the problem Jamaica faces with scammers. 

Overpricing a web site job is also a scam. Overstating your website stats in the magnitude of unreal, when you are not a novice and as such it is not a honest mistake of not knowing the difference between hits and unique visitors is scamming the market.

Of course this is not unique to Jamaica. But for a sector emerging it can hurt it real bad when the facts are revealed.

None the less give this place a few more years and see what the landscape will look like then. I was naive at first and so for a very long time in respect to developing my land of birth. No more.

Fortunately for the few true talent that exist in Jamaica, IPO2.0 a new Crowdfunding platform TBA, and the few local VCs may be a true alternative.

And in closing….



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