PREDICTION: Edward Snowden Will Return To The States At His Own Will Soon!

Seriously, this kid will volunteer to jump on the next flight home soon. That’s my prediction. He knows what’s next.

It is not easy to sink your teach into a home cook grilled Cheese Burger, and with friends hanging around drinking nice ice cold Miller Light or a Bud.

Of course if Becks or Newcastle Ale rocks your taste buds then that too would more likely be on the list.

Such is life, a life unique to a geographical location and culture. I cannot be replicated easily unless you are around those who are from and of that culture.

Get out of jail card? Being the best at what you can help a long way I would think.

Say high to Putin for me, I rate that guy.

Now check out a vid I saw yesterday on my fave blog and was to post it a a stand alone.

But decided to post it here. No relation to subject matter with exception of location.

Now this guy knows how to live life the Oligarch that is.


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