While welcoming the site and market entrance of JGX Labs, out of the blue I decided to look up one of the companies in their incubator.

Blaze Ltd to be exact popped out at me during my reread of the article on Jamaica Observer.

During a search for the website of the local start up mentioned, I found a site that I thought was it at first glance.

But I knew it could not be even though they were both in the same sector, that being mobile payments.

So I looked up theirs, as maybe there would be a difference and the name could only be nothing more than a code name or app name. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Blaze Mobile - Making Mobile Commerce a Reality . . .

Blaze - Home

Guys, I suggest a name change if the two entities are not connected. Then again this is just my simple opinion.

If both entities are not related, I do not like the similarities, as it may reflect lack of true innovation.


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