I was reading a blog I visit every now and then just to see its improvements as most living organism improve over time, in addition to see what nonsense it spews every now and then.

I saw an article about the founder and new start/incubator up JGX Labs in Jamaica.

At a first glance I did not see anything wrong with the comment located in the article.

Image Source: siliconcaribe.com

Image Source: siliconcaribe.com

(Click on image to see image clearly in new window)

Click here to visit the blog where I read the article, and go to the last major paragraph which speaks of providing some sort of advice.

But then after others pointed out to me what they thought. I felt compelled to post it and write a brief blog article on it. Why?

Who knows what is said behind closed doors, and behind the backs of those who think they had a baby called Tech about others in the sector of Tech, start ups and Venture Capital.

Now looking over the comment I read first, it smacks with severe presumptious attitude by the author.

Who knows, maybe those fake Gleaner Awards and even Moguls in the Making awards from the other paper have people believing they have arrived.

Is the author really saying they are the Jesus Christ or Mary Magdalene of Tech & the birth of Venture Capital and Incubators in Jamaica? Thus only they and others like them have the key to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Is the author saying Jamaica is rife with con artist in the Tech and business sector in Jamaica as if they do not have them in New York & Bernard Madoff never existed in the states?

And as such needs to hold the hand of this dude to bring him up to speed? The author did say do your home work.

Then the author (not in exact words) mentioned to pick your other local partners wisely.

Is that to infer that he did not pick his current partners wisely?

Just questions. But it rather looks distasteful to say the least the comments made in article in question.

And to think these people and others like them may be playing a role in the GOJ initiative for Venture Capital, start ups, and possible Tech incubators.

What is funny in regards to all this, is that the VC and Tech sectors in particular.

Is the amount of old women and women seeking to influence this sector in Jamaica. While globally they play an insignificant role.

The facts do not lie.

So what I gather from all this is that to expect anything from Jamaicans of a particular class and upbringing. And most important, protect one’s image in a place which reminds of a movie I will blog about some time in the future.

Keep visiting the blog, you may see a sneak peak of that post to come. 🙂



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