First it was my search for a Jamaican mobile payment site called Blaze Pay which resulted in an article on that findings.

While reading the second and only national newspaper in this country. I saw a TV show ad calling itself the Innovators (Nothing innovative about it actually) with a write up of some of the entrants in their show.

I saw a grocery online shopping site name that sounded not bad. So I decided to look up their site just to see what it looked like. Now there have been many like them in the past and present seeking to do the same service for Jamaica.

My search brought up three links in google search. The screen shots are all below.

STORE TO door - Google Search

Store To Door - Grocery Shopping & Delivery for Homebound Seniors

Store To Door of Oregon


I guess maybe there is nothing wrong with the name above as it really represents more of the service than an actual brand. So maybe it is not so bad after all.

None the less, a TV show with persons who nothing about blogging or running a website business cannot provide advice much less teach anyone about the sector on or off TV.

Signature Vid:


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