Tell me the following is not true. Tell me it ain’t so.

For this has been my experience in a nutshell for the past 8 years in Jamaica.

Why is it the following exists & permeates Jamaica?

(1) A culture dominated by negative energy that only seeks to character destruction, shame, suppress, manipulate, and destroy others who do not join their evil and twisted reality.

(2) A culture of depravity, hostility, lack of civil behaviour.

(3) A culture of profilers.

(4) A culture dominated by a lack of innovation that has intelligent design.

(5) A culture that only seeks to stifle anyone with a high degree of confidence, independent mind, and ambition.

(6) A culture where the reproduction and cultivation of the slave mind and slave gene is primary.

(7) A culture obsessed with witchcraft & its practice against innocent people.

(8) A culture where all the wrong people are calling the shots & shaping your future.

How to break from the shackles of this country’s society? Can a space ship be built? Can the crashed space ship be repaired?

Am I on the wrong planet or am I in the wrong country? So many parallels it is not funny.


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