For almost two years now I have not owned or used a personal cell phone. Or any personal computer device at all. Several reasons, some technological, some futuristic, some military related :).

For the two dudes who sat with me on a bench in HWT, after one calling me on a Sunday was not appreciated. One more call like that, would have really pissed me off. You do not ever want that.

My first cell phone was in 1994 while stationed in Camp Pendleton. I got it to call my grandmother back in Jamaica. That phone lasted maybe a few months.

I never bought a cell phone again until around 2005-06 in Jamaica. Around that time I was working on a micro tablet along with a concept of a social network to replace cell phones in Jamaica via Wi-Fi and using mobile VOIP among other cool things.

By adding JaJah, and a few changes + video chat, I figured I could replace even phone numbers or numbers associated with an account. As it would be a mobile social network user contact interface. Imagine all this as far back as 2005.

Of course there being zero venture capital or intelligent life in Jamaica to comprehend such things. I was ahead of my time.

Of course even using traditional dumb phones to do mobile VOIP is not new. But not even that could be done as the illustrious minister of technology then, made sure to protect the legacy telecom industry. Based on what I recall, by not allowing mobile VOIP over Wi-Fi being legal.

As far as I saw it his actions were not deregulation for the telecom sector, but more creating a duopoly.

Today some businesses phone bills are higher than their light bills. yet the masses think what he did was revolutionary. Maybe in some parts it was, but for true revolution it requires the right people in place.

Now back in 2005 there were these PDA that they called smart phones. But as far as I saw it back then and now.

If it uses a RAM, Wi-Fi, OS, and a CPU it is no longer a phone, but a micro computer or better known as a Micro Tablet as I call them today.


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Wireless Broadband Internet by any telecom name is simply the platform that can be used to provide Internet services. From an application  uses the Internet and does majority of its operations on the Internet. It is no longer a phone, nor is it a cell phone.

Call it what you may. LTE, 4G, 5G. All I want is my Internet connection and the ability to connect to and communicate. Be it voice, text, photo, video.

Cell phones are dead, and are obsolete as far as I see it. So why should I even own one?

Was it Daniel Core who was in charge of the genius only (alleged) Saturday class at Calabar High School upstairs the Library for Computer Science. With an assistant I think was the older brother of a classmate with the last name Riley?

I took one look at the entire set up as a non early teen and said. Until you get all these machines operating without wires, or so many wires maybe you can get my interest. As far as I see it this is backwards.

I was actually being honest, as the screens then were all black with from what I recall tiny green dots and not much of anything.

It was driving me crazy just trying to stay focus with so little visual effects. Even the most primitive video games at the time were superior in GUI then.

I said that to the teacher, as I was first off a futurist. A lover of comic books with super heroes and their super powers and super ability.

I said this as even Dick Tracy an old cartoon had a wireless wrist watch and nothing like it existed. I wanted so bad to work on such inventions then. But how could I. This was the early 1980’s.


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I never bothered to code or learn to code. 2 weeks of C++ or was it C+ at CSU Hayward and said. I need people who already know how to code to build what I want. I have no time to learn code and having to keep up with new codes and learning all these new coding languages.

Now the coders call me a Software Architect. Coders are my labourers. They lay my bricks, steel, and poor my cement. I design, they build.

Unfortunately Jamaica needs a lot of help to take advantage of anyone who is a coder or even a non coder that sees what they think should be the technological future.


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