WOW: LIME Jamaica reduces losses by as much as 75% – There must be intelligent life on Mars!

While listening the simulcast of CVM TV news. A business program spoke of LIME Jamaica recent success. It had to do with massive turn around in losses.

I guess if you cannot grab significant market share as a result of a lack of real talent at LIME Jamaica. The next best thing is to reap the rewards from cutting all the excess fat over the years.

Who would have thought they would take so long to trim the fat, after being delusional of competing with Digicel.

Question is, why after all these years did it take LIME Jamaica new CEO to begin the process? Did they really think they could take on Digicel and win?

Kudos & congrats to Garfield Sinclair and the rest of LIME Jamaica for such a glorious achievement. For me it is like discovering intelligent human life remains on the first successful planet expedition on the red planet called Mars.

See related article from Jamaica Observer I saw just now.

LIME sets growth and dividend targets
Long-time shareholder ‘bet’ his ‘life’ on company not making a profit

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