I dropped in the Forum held by MSTEM called Stimulating Growth, Enabling Entrepreneurship and Innovation held on September 10, 2013 at the PCJ auditorium.

The first thing I noticed was that the room had less than 60 persons. And there were the regular faces, most of them in Jamaica associated with technology and starting up businesses seeking funding. Much of them not of much technological talent or creativity. But middle men and middle women.

Now what was funny, is that majority of the people there as far as I am aware, or as the record would show, could all combine to form the minimum amount of start ups required to create the ecosystem for a viable incubator as outlined by one of the presenters. If it were 2 man teams.

The problem is the Jamaican culture is too heavily influenced by the slave mindset and the slave gene. This gene knows no race nor class. It is simply the gene that does not foster collaboration or trust unless it is a me myself and I alone, I am in charge alone mindset while all others suffer.

Simply put the locals in my observation have not shown the civility to create a culture where VC funding can take off.

As they are unable to produce enough quality products based on the house slave versus the field slave, or the escape slave mentality among other slave like genetic qualities.

In today’s version, it is the master versus the worker. The rich versus the poor, the upper class versus the lower class, the male versus the female, the PNP versus the JLP, the queer versus the straight, the old versus the young, the pretty versus the ugly, the black skin versus the brown skin, and on and on but all for the wrong reasons. Thus no unity, no progress.

The Jamaican Negroes, and Non Negroes alike are all fighting over fame and fortune like white collar savages.

As such the few talent that truly exist in the country are afraid to even share their idea(s) as mistrust is so high, and no one wants to be used and abused by the system.

Jamaica’s future will reside in the civilized Diaspora and civilized returning members of the Jamaican Diaspora that can bridge this gap, along with help from civilized foreigners.

Therefore returning Jamaica to the state of a highly civilized culture it use to be in the 1950’s, 1960’s 1980’s and early part of the 1990’s.



  1. Hello, great information and an fascinating post, it will be fascinating if this is still the state of affairs in a few months time

  2. Hi, fantastic suggestion and an interesting article, it’s going to
    be interesting if this is still the state of affairs in a few years time

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