JPS eStore Solar Mill Hybrid solar wind generator product review!

Nice, clean, crisp commercial. Not sure of 24/7 power generation as wind does not blow 24/7 in Jamaica at any location where people live as far as I am aware.

What is the cost per watt for a 1.5 kW system which would meet my kWh demand?

Based on my research it works out to US$4.00 per Watt. When compared to pure solar this price is almost 100% more expensive.

For example based on JPS eStore pull out advertisement in the newspaper along with other information acquired for an Est. Generation of 230 kWh / month SolarMill product. Works out to US$5,990 or JM$599,000. After a $10,000 rebate. Does this cost also include installation?

The 230 kWh Solar Mill system works out to approximately 1.5 kW when compared to a pure PV solar system. A 230 kWh Soalr Mill system is said to come with 6 high grade German solar module and 2 Micro turbines, based on inserts obtained from the national newspaper.


Using Tier 1 solar panels to obtain 230 kWh per month would require 6 x 250 Watt panels to meet 1.5 kW and cost US$3,375 or JM$337,500 which includes installation depending on where you shop.

This is a whopping savings of $261,500 which could buy a 1.2 kW Tier 1 solar PV system with installation for a friend or same location or business. After all Jamaica enjoys a lot of sunshine year round.

So if the math and the calculations holds, and the fact that most residential communities do not experience any wind day or night for the majority of the year. Why would anyone be inclined in purchasing such a hybrid product from JPS eStore over that of a pure solar PV system?

It appears to me that though it is a great approach for JPS to enter the renewable energy space. Such a product is a niche market product and frankly way too expensive and impractical for most residential zones.


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