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JPS Has Gone Solar?


No UL Listings Can Be Found On JPS Solar Mill

“The product literature states the Solar Mill has a 5-year warrantee and is guaranteed for 20 years. However, no National Research Testing Laboratory (NRTL) listings are mentioned in the literature – meaning the product was NOT researched, tested and approved to any international safety standard (called listings) and hence could NEVER be sold in the United States, Europe or Canada.

Listed products are important because they will not break down, cause a fire or otherwise be a safety hazard in your presence. When buying a listed product a consumer is assured the product was inspected, tested and deemed safe to enter the market. World safety leading laboratories UL, CSA, ETL or TUV are the four recognized safety testing laboratories with the authority to list products for use.

In fact JPS demands ALL electrical products interacting with the utility grid to be listed. But, the Solar Mill is not – why?”

“Original content used with permission by USSolar Jamaica posted at


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