You have probably seen them, all dressed up with a lot of chatter and a lot of merchandise or services for sale that really solves nothing for your economic problems. These prototypes are called traders. Male and female alike all over Jamaica.

Sadly they often times forget their talent, and begin to believe that they are actual innovators. Some even copy the name of a Bloomberg TV show and make it their own. Now how innovative is that?

As one of my former Economics professor use to say; “As a nation’s IQ increase, so does its GDP”.

Well one does not have to look too far in respect to Jamaica. As the culture is so backward that not even the late Steve Jobs or the living Bill Gates make it to their success if they were born and raised and lived in Jamaica regardless of race. Innovators are stifled or strangled to death in this waste land for innovators.

What these or many of these locals like to do, is to pretend what they are not. To pretend that they have very high IQ (A masters or MBA or Post Doctorate does not imply higher intelligence), pretend that they are smarter than Americans (The bright ones at that), pretend that the prototype can solve the nations problems, pretend that they are the greatest gift to the world, pretend that there is NO PROBLEM MAN, while murdering and robbing their fellow citizens at an unprecedented scale.

These profilers also believe in milking the media, milking public speaking events, milking conferences and trade shows. Until their mug shot becomes a main stay in the primitive masses minds.

Well proof is not far. As having read the following article it sums it all up.

Jamaica worst at innovation, credit?

Less than 20 per cent of Jamaican firms “introduced a new product to the market over a five-year period”, according to the study. Only St Lucia and Dominica earned lower scores among a group of 57 nations within and outside the region.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 . Source: jamaicaobserber.com

Now there are a few innovators in the Island. About 120 I would estimate. Within this small group if tapped into would see Jamaica being ranked as a top country for innovation. But this is not possible as there are too many women and old women especially in key positions that knows nothing else but to stifle young men and men in general. They fear male power and male domination.

Until this dysfunction and abnormality is addressed in a primitive society such as Jamaica. Innovation will not come to much of anything.



The feedback from a small pool sample is what I have always known. Jamaica is too primitive for apps that are not related to key important business transactions such as banking. Though Insurance sector slowly creeping up.

So below is the old screen shot for Farmer Joe mobile app to be released when I feel like. A lot has changed such as the incentives etc.

Farmer Joe - Grocery Mobile Phone App - Grocery App