To be honest I do not see much of any great football. It is like a larger version of the U23 Olympic football competition.

I see no real magic on the pitch, just basic flank runs, trailer passes and crosses and once in a while a through pass.

In terms of skill factor both for team play and individual play along with quality of demolition of opponents defence line. 2006 WC and 1998 WC are miles ahead of this WC.

Now the spectator will say there are more goals in this world cup than any other. That is true, but poor defence and crosses do bring lots of goals.

In no way can that be used to say it is a great WC. I give it a B-.

By the way, way before the cup started (ask my contacts) I said Mexico can take it along with Costa Rica. Brasil is my team since the greats of 82. But unless they find real form it looks tough.


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