The National Water Commission (NWC) along with Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining (MSTEM), Ministry of Agriculture, and the now so called super group Electricity Sector Enterprise Team (ESET) need to speak with the true experts who are capable of solving Jamaica’s energy and water problem while not incurring any additional cost to the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) debt.

Jamaica does not have a water problem nor does it have a energy problem in respect to the lowering of kWh to consumer.

As kWh base load firm capacity can be produced at below US$0.12 per kWh and as low as US$0.09 per kWh within the first 7 years of installation of new base load generating power plant.

This does not involve dependence on fossil based or by products of fossil based fuels as its main fuel supply. Financing is now available from the IFC. So there is no longer a problem in that department.

Water can be obtained through Desalination of sea water up to 30 million gallons per day at no up front cost to NWC, while not increasing the energy cost of the NWC.

This solution / interest of proposal has been sent to the NWC, and is ready and waiting for NWC to act on by the sender of such proposal as you read this article.

With greater water supply can see the agriculture sector producing more farm produce. It is a fact that the drought has affected the farmers significantly and not just regular citizens who cannot get access to water after 7PM from their water pipes.

The problem Jamaica faces is incompetent technocrats and politics which get in the way of free market economics.


Interest of proposal(s) have been sent to the NWC in regards to lowering its energy by in strategic locations several months ago with no response for data needed to submit a proper unsolicited proposal.

NWC fact include a $6 billion per annum energy bill, or approximately $500 million per month. A significant burden to the GOJ and as it relates to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Storage capacity at one major water storage facility is alleged to have not been cleaned since my late grandmother was a young girl, and only has 60% or less of its storage capacity.

The NWC appears to be taking its own sweet time to respond, in a time when energy cost are soaring and water shortage is abundant.

If the minister in charge supervises the NWC for decades not counting the years out of service & that minister is also a high ranking PNP member.

Who in the PNP will tell Robert Pickersgill or force him to resign? If he himself have not fired the staff at the NWC over the years for little and no progress.

Jamaica does not have to be fooled by procurement guidelines in order to gain credibility for public persons employed to solve problems but whom cannot solve them.

In fact the entire procurement process as it now stands in respect to 381MW power plant, and quite possible any new proposal deemed of national interest to Jamaica. Have now been made into a complete mockery by the hands of the OCG and the opposition leader Andrew Holness.


The Office of the Contractor General (OCG) and the leader of the opposition were did not display the competence in the ramifications in the market of their actions as it pertained to the handling of the 381MW power plant RFP.

The OCG did not provide an official counter response for the people of Jamaica, to the claims being made against him in respect to his interpretation on the handling of the bidding process pertaining to the 381MW LNG plant by the OUR or Phillip Paulwell.

Nor did the leader of the opposition to my knowledge request the GOJ, have the matter brought before parliament to determine if the OCG in deed erred in his interpretation that can and could have derailed the entire process for Jamaica especially in the eyes of international lending agencies.

Their actions have now led to the entire process being left in the hands of characters that some approve of, and some disapprove of. Who in total with exception of maybe one technocrat, have zero experience, in dealing with such matters.

Who will come out and state that ESET has no real legal jurisdiction nor the experience nor the competence that the OUR has in regards to the procurement process for new base load generation capacity of 381MW?

They do not have to make their intentions public in regards to the bidding or soliciting process of such a critical matter as 381MW power plant for Jamaica.

ESET has already granted JPS a change to its license, where before was not forthcoming from the OUR.

What are the ramifications to such concessions and further concessions to JPS by thus newly formed club of clubs?

After all they are not truly an agency of the GOJ and do not have to report to the country in the high level of transparency as the OUR.

I wonder what the OCG is thinking to himself right now that he sees the OUR stripped of its powers and placed in private hands where he himself is now absolutely powerless to supervise?

ESET has no contact information from the Office of the Prime Minister, they have no real address in which to locate them. Yet they are conducting business as usual as if it is a private company.

This is true, as checks made a few weeks ago clearly proved it to be so.

Does ESET know that this is 1972 all over again and that any mistakes made now in moving forward will have significant, and serious ramifications for one and all?

Jamaica is at a crucial crossroads, and now is the time to act with decisive and overwhelming action.

Now is the time to solve our water and energy woes, now is the time to separate old men from the young, the competent from incompetent, the wise from unwise, and the pro-filers from the doers.


It is amazing to see the tactics being deployed by Jamaica Public Service (JPS). First they turn of lights in garrisons belonging to the PNP, then they stick up the GOJ for concessions. Elections are around the corner, could this be a coincidence?

They then repeat the same tactics by turning off lights in government agencies and publicly stating that schools owe them up to $150 million.

Of which at the end of each press release is some sort of request from the GOJ or the OUR for changes to their license.

I think they call it a stick up or a abuse of monopoly power to gain greater monopoly power.

The people of Jamaica need to act now before it is too late.

May God bless Jamaica, and our two heads of state. That being the Queen of England and Portia Simpson Miller.


Mr. Rodger McKenzie
Economic & Technology Analyst
Kingston Venture Capital
2014 & 2013 Expert Speaker at Jamaica Alternative Energy Expo


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