Having been around the locals for some time, I must admit that the main problem are living academic fossils posing as gate keepers to the path of prosperity for Jamaican tech start ups, along with political scammers, along with parasitic and scavenging private sector individuals.

You would have seen them all the time, nothing knew, rip offs of existing start ups, or really low scale tech inventions, or a guy saying he can do this and do that for you but then seeks to run with your basic but innovative idea(s).

Why would a VC from the states or China want to even look at these guys? Well maybe there is a diamond in the rough.

The following articles are useful in understanding the challenges I face in Jamaica as an investor and a tech entrepreneur.

But before you get there, the following articles and videos is what I call real talent.



Now to the basics information I read online that does not impress me for the most part in regards to Jamaican tech start ups.




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