Based on my own experience, Jamaica is the most racist country I have ever lived in to date.

It is a hybrid of false sense of classicism, false sense of elitism, false sense of wealth, blacks deep hatred for browns, whites, yellows, olives, reds, and other blacks, and also all combination of yellows, whites, olives, reds deep hatred for blacks and browns alike.

Of course the master practitioner of being a Hypocrite is deeply rooted in the culture, and as such none of the major or minor groups mentioned above will ever admit to their deepest hidden/open secret.

However a simple litmus test can be conducted to reveal Racismo De Xaymaca (Racismo De Xamaica). But before we look at applying this test take time out to read the following article

Racism thrives because black nations fail

By Franklin JOHNSTON, Friday, July 10, 2015

Now the above article when I read it was rather twisted, though it did consist of a lot of truth but avoided to mention the several positive scientific contribution blacks have to NASA and several major companies involved technology around the world.

I guess what the author was trying to address were some key areas that hold back his race in respect to global rise as a progressive nation.

Racismo De Xaymaca is not to be confused with the social study of the modern day invention of what is now known as a Negro or its derivatives. A term, an identity, a social behavior beginning approximately 600+ years ago.

The social identities commonly associated with the term Negro is a new construct which have changed into several identities and meanings up until today.

This name / term Negro and its derivatives Ol Nega , and N*gger also have their own respective connotations and implications depending on where you are.

For greater clarity you may read the following N blog articles that may provide insight on their cultural practices in Jamaica, N1, N2, N3, N4, and N5 such behavior can contribute to racism.

Racism is far from the inter personal prejudices that may arise from culture and real class differences and distinction.

It is where any race deliberately chooses to hold back another race economic prosperity by way of direct or indirect sabotage.

Considering that Jamaica has very few whites, it would be safe to exclude them from this entire exercise due to their low level of interaction within society at large. Not to say they are not participants in the subject at hand.

Though others would argue differently. But article N1 explains that in the beginning, as to why whites are confused or substituted with others to fill that void of hatred.

Now to the litmus test. A Jamaican sees another Jamaican that is not of his race or class (majority of the time the lower class are now in charge), you may choose out of the several listed above, that there is an opportunity to make a lot of money on a major contract on several occasions.

Unless you are of the same race/class you will not secure that contract, or unless they seek to curry up or benefit from kick backs, the black/Negro will award the contract outside his race.

Other wise it will be stalled to oblivion, as the saying goes by the Negro locally

“A Rich Yu Wa Get Rich Off A Mi”.   Translation: You want to use me to get rich, hell no.

This is especially used against the Marrón races of people, or mixed bloods.

Locals says it stems from a crab in the barrel syndrome. But I argue it is more complex than that.

They may actually innately know that they are of two different races, but are not fully conscious of it.

You may think of it as a Japanese and a Chinese race living on one Island for the past 600 years and not knowing that they are two distinct races of people. But they some how cannot get along and as a result we would label them as crab in a barrel.

In respect to other races doing business with the Negro and the Brown/Marrón or Mixed races confused as the Negro.

You will hardly if ever find a local China man, a local Jew, or a local Arab in Jamaica closing a major contract with someone outside their race with exception of whites or one out of group mentioned in order.

Thus the Negro nor the Brown/Marrón or Mixed races confused as the Negro, will have it difficult to secure lucrative deals with them unless they hold the handle.

In short if they can shop elsewhere they will gladly do so in a heart beat. This I have witnessed and heard from history as an age old problem in Jamaica.

High value contracts are kept within their Klan or the nearest race allies that would not include the Marrón and definitely not the Negro as they do not seek to curry up with either or allow them to advance to any significant heights of economic power in Jamaica.

One Negro (social construct of colonialism in way of culture/real product) said;

“it is the dirty, low down untrustworthy behavior of the black man, is why other races refuse to deal with them. You have to follow back of the Negro just make sure you are not ripped or and get all your money”.

Well truth be told what he says is true locally in most cases, but that is not unique to one race alone. It is common practice around the world.

What causes Jamaicans of all races and class not to trust each other, to the point where the country economy has been at snail pace for the past 40 years?

Wealth creation by many only appears in the form of criminality, corruption, and nepotism. As to venture out to seek a honest bread will bring very little success, as chances of success are slim to none.

This hatred locally and some would say now globally, could very well be a backlash of the years of dominance of the Negro and the Marrón races of people over the then modern world for several hundreds of thousands of years, now lost in history unless you know where to find it.

All I know is that racism exist in Jamaica at a magnitude that makes it laughable, yet it is not a joke.

When you add gender-ism to it,  it becomes one toxic concoction.


A combination of all these articles will form my e-book on how to understand the Jamaican Negro & Nigger 101.


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