The JPS e-Store was officially launched on April 4, 2013. There was much hype in regards to the e-Store and what it was to do for Jamaica. To date several managers come and have gone, and it is still a utter dismal failure.

Currently the LEDs in JPS e-store are not as good as Bluesun LEDs and in most instances are twice as much and three times as much in price points.

It should be noted that Bluesun LEDs passed internal test for light bulbs at JPS laboratory located off Washington Boulevard with flying colours.

To date most low income homes and working class cannot afford LEDs of high quality which come with warranty. Bluesun LED offers just that affordability. Yet Jamaica lacks behind in energy conservation.

The following is what I would implement if possible through the e-Store using Bluesun LEDs to greatly reduce kWh waste in Jamaica under the right management.


1. Mini Pilot project of 100 homes with good payment history but at the inner city or low income / working class. – Project was originally intended by myself to be free of cost with exception of token payment of $1,500 to $3,000 per home (Free LED would lead to illegal sales, not good)

2. Five or Ten LED Packages. This works out per package at 3Wx1, 5Wx3, 7Wx1 or 3Wx2, 5Wx4, 7Wx3, 9Wx1 all at an average price of $600 per LED.

3. When JPS customers pay their next light bill they are offered 5 or 10 LEDs depending on size home with only a small deposit. But deposit works out to 50% of cost of LEDs.

When compared to market cost they are really saving 50% or greater for equivalent LEDs of high quality. LEDs in question are not low quality LEDs seen all over market that are selling for $300 and higher. LEDs come with 1 year warranty. Full containers landed yearly.

4. ROI per home has proven to be 1 month for Incandescent users, 3 months on average for CFL users. As such the savings per light bill for customer would pay for package in 1 to 3 months.

5. We can approach it two ways. (a) If legally allowed, bill the householder the balance cost of LED package chosen to their JPS light bill based on expected savings for 1 to 3 months + deposit. Six months would be the max if the amount added on is the lowest level chosen. To date JPS e-store or JPS has not done anything remotely to what I have been recommending and again recommend now.

Example $250 to $500 per month per package respectively.

$3,000 – $1,500 deposit = $1,500 / 6 months = $250 per month. At $500 per month on bill would take 3 months for the five LED package. However client would see over $1,000 per month in savings on bill shown for incandescent bulb users and heavy CFL users..

This only works when the kWh equivalent in cost to client on bill has been removed, thus equivalent dip in kWh that amounts to payment per month.

6. If they add more kW usage to their home that is a challenge. For the most part this has not factored as a major concern as it normally accounts to 1 out of 10 customers who are careless and or seek to undermine or cheat the system.

7. Have done a few test runs with a few homes. One home chosen 2.9 years ago, none of LEDs have blown to date. See flyers attached.

8. Full pilot is that of 3,000 homes, which translates to approximately $100M per year in savings for paying customers and the said amount for non paying customers in terms of waste. Thus who pays for non paying customers? If we lower their usage, we must be lowering something.

Attached is the actual light bill of household using Bluesun LEDs for 2.9 years.

The first flyer shows the second month respectively of Incandescent bulbs vs Bluesun LEDs.


The second flyer shows 6 months of JPS light bill. First 3 months before LEDs, and second 3 months after LEDs.



Its All In the DNA!

I truly recommend to all who live in a country that is not of a homogeneous population to get your DNA test done. Why?

One can find out why one is more akin to another group way of thinking. While one does not reflect on the outside that other culture, racial or ethnic group physical profile.

Human evolution and revolution is the new particle physics for man. It is important to understand what makes up your DNA and how it all works.

A classic example; what makes Trump and Putin so much similar in many ways? Could it be that they are of the same Y chromosome make up? There are several types of Y chromosomes of European ancestry.

While looking up info on the net. I cam across the following articles.

Monkey Blood, RH Negative Blood Types, Y-DNA haplogroup E1b1b Blood Grouping Shared By Royalty And Dictators Alike


Famous people’s Y-DNA listed by haplogroup


Considering that my DNA test revealed not too long a ago, a few months to be exact. Told me many things about my family line, much of which I already knew after years of trying to understand other racial groups in my country through social interaction.

As family history pointed out, who married who, and where my grandfather came from to marry my fathers mother etc. Thus not as some locals have a right to claim their beginnings started on the plantation.

Paternal Haplogroup (Fathers side, considering I am tracing my male lineage)

R1b1b2a1a now classified as R-M412 is a subgroup of R-M269.

Haplogroup R (also known as R-M207) is the most recent common ancestor of all R lineages, including my haplogroup.

Maternal Haplogroup