It appears some only want to make President Trump Look Bad

In no way and in no stretch of the imagination would I believe the President of the Unites States Donald J. Trump tried to or intended to disrespect a fallen soldier family.

The female politician stated this could be the President’s Benghazi.

This in itself speaks to her own hatred to the President and her own sick prejudice, and the fact that her candidate and party lost the election.

It is truly very sad day to see Americans so divided, especially when a family is grieving and appears to be manipulated by a politician crying foul.

Even if the President did say those words, those are words a lot of service men present and former have used. Of course we all know what we signed up for. It is a coping mechanism and in no way means being insensitive to our brothers.

It is better to say little if anything at all on all matters. Keep the masses in suspense, operate on a military level, thus all matters are on a need to know basis.

Speak with your Generals wisely, and only trust those who’s only aim and purpose is to the state, and not those who only serve their own self interest.

The more drama, the more negative energies, which will result in the more wasted time and resources on matters that do not contribute to nation building.

Unusual times calls for unusual leaders, who must stay course in restoring a nation from the fate of the Roman Empire.

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