Do I have a chance of a legit claim here?

Can and Ask search engine be sued for copyright infringement of they using my user interface design?

Before the invasion of smartphones and apps galore for such smartphones. There was no search engine that could provide the feel of no clutter while providing an applike appeal and use until I designed the home page seen below.

One of my search engine front end design seen below from 2010

Google new version 2018: first came close way back in 2012, then Google followed similar design seen below before their new version.

See my 2011 blog article speaking about and my design for below. page design influences Or is it a total rip off?



These California public schools are the worst for black students, according to a USC study

Article source:

WOW: what about Brown students?

I had a 3.0 GPA and rising until I took a weird liberal course with a professor who wanted to live like a woman, but also like a man. The funny thing, she was a black woman lecture with dreadlocks. A female version of Predator the alien, with penis envy.

Then again I could have attained a 3.5 GPA via 2 or 3 courses if I was interested in numbers. However I will let my work speak for myself. Stay tuned.

“Overall, no university in the country had an equity index score higher than 3.50 and the highest state average was Massachusetts’ at 2.81. The next highest state average was Washington at 2.59, and California was third at 2.46.”