Interesting: Good intel for Prep School Grade Level Education

Like many of the following videos. Working of some information and formulating some kind of meaning. Though some are facts, some conclusions are erroneous, but still help to prove the real facts that are out there.

Just one step towards a journey. So is it important? Some locals would say yes. Yet they have no problem calling one community by the name of another community as they say everyone is doing it. It is already gone bad already, so why fight it?

So they call Eastwood Park Gardens as Half Way Tree because the GOJ takes no pride in erecting community border signs and leave it up to the citizens. Who and why collect taxes?

Such is the mind and thinking of an inferior race and inferior mind of people, or if you like sub races of people or various subspecies. Whichever one rocks your boat.

So how do you feel to find out that the part of ATLANTIC OCEAN, was once called the ETHIOPIAN OCEAN based on ancient maps? Why would this be important considering that Ethiopia is located on the Eastern side of Africa?

Bassically of you stand for nothing you will fall for anything. Which basically explains most of the black and also brown Jamaicans of today’s new culture young and old.


Los Negros en JPS = Resultados Inferiores!

When you are too smart for the Negroes at JPS, or in Jamaica in general. The Negroes cut of their nose to spite their face.

4 years to 10 ago the Negroes at JPS could not solve this problem. To date they are still unable to solve the problem unless they use KVC energy conservation and power generation program to a “T”.

The Jamaican Negro cannot handle straight talk, they cannot handle facts, they cannot handle the truth. The culture has become a Beta male subordinate mindset, in a world still filled with dominant predators who lead from the front of a pack of hungry ravening wolves.

They do not like to be shown up, to be quite frank inferior for the most part when it comes to solving slightly complex issues or anything abstract or too abstract.

But they have superior minds when it comes to scamming, or trickery, or gaining success by unethical means.

This frankly has been my experience and observation. They like the easy and quick way out, or pretend to want to help or pretend to be helping, when in all reality that pretense is truly a scam.

It is time to call a spade a spade.

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